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Copes-Vulcan History

History and Development

Since 1898, Copes-Vulcan has built its reputation on steam conditioning equipment and globe control valves for severe-service applications. Being recognized worldwide for quality and performance, Copes-Vulcan set the standard for the power generation industry with technologically innovative products that strive to maximize system performance and reliability.  The Copes Company of Chicago, Illinois, introduced the first generation feedwater regulator using an expansion tube linked to a balanced raising stem valve.

In 1903 the Copes Company merged with the Vulcan Soot Blower Company of DuBois, Pennsylvania, later to be named the Erie Pump and Equipment Company. Over the next 20 years, engineers improved the regulator design addressing the need to develop characterized control. This dedication to perfection culminated in valve designs that are widely used throughout the valve industry.

In 1926 a license agreement was formed with Gadelius K. of Japan, and in 1927, a wholly owned subsidiary, Copes-Vulcan, Ltd., was established in the United Kingdom.  

In 1964 Copes-Vulcan’s UK subsidiary moved its operations from London and opened a new valve manufacturing facility in Winsford, Cheshire to serve the growing domestic and European markets.

1983 - 2000 saw Copes Vulcan launch and improve products such as the Multi-Nozzle Desuperheater, Variable Annular Desuperheater, HUSH Trim, DSCV-SA Steam Atomising Turbine Bypass Valves and RAVEN trim for severe duty globe control valves.

In 2001 SPX FLOW completed the acquisition of United Dominion Industries, including the Copes-Vulcan product line.

In 2002 SPX FLOW’s US valve manufacturing operations is based in Houston, TX and sales, service and engineering support for the Copes-Vulcan brand is based in McKean, PA.

In 2003 Copes-Vulcan Celebrated 100 years of Innovation.

In 2004 SPX FLOW’s European valve manufacturing operations is based in Newbury, Berkshire and sales, service and engineering support for the Copes-Vulcan brand remains in Winsford, Cheshire.

Recognizing early on that business success depends on understanding a customer's process from the inside out, we continue to establish focused solutions specific to an application. From the introduction of the first generation regulator in 1898, to the newest Copes-Vulcan innovations our philosophy has provided effective solutions for a wide variety of industries and the markets they serve, keeping us at the forefront of valve technology.  Our ability to provide both standardized and custom-engineered solutions allows us to meet the critical needs of customers for each application. Our core values continue to remain a vital part of our business philosophy.