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Desiccant Air Drying Technologies

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desiccant air dryers

Deltech desiccant dryers deliver superior dew point control to -100°F for critical applications.
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Energy efficient designs deliver maximum value across a full range of flow rates to best meet your unique compressed air requirements.

All Deltech desiccant dryers incorporate these same quality features:

  • Highly hygroscopic desiccants combine spherical uniformity with superior crush strength to deliver stable dew point control and low dust migration
  • Process quality switching valves deliver consistent repeatability to ensure system integrity and long component life cycles
  • Precision timing circuits control process valve sequencing protocols to deliver optimum dew point stability and energy efficiency
  • Calculated desiccant bed construction ensures ideal tower velocities to adsorb moisture, stabilize dew points, and prevent bed movement
  • Spare muffler(s) are included on all models and sizes


For more information about Deltech's Desiccant Air Dryers please download a hard copy from the available download tab.