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Aftercooler / Dryer / Filter Package

Product Types:

Cooling Products, Drying Products, Filtration Products, rental dryer, air treatment, compressed air, compressed air solutions, compressed air treatment, dehydration, filtration, hankison air treatment

A Complete Air Treatment System in One Package!
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Aftercooler with air driven fan motor

  • Lowers temperature of air leaving the compressor to within 7.5°F of ambient temperature

  • Eliminates 80% of water

Prefilter 1 - Separator/filter

  • Removes bulk liquids

  • Prefilters the air for finer filtration

Prefilter 2 - High efficiency coalescing type oil removal filter

  • Removes fine oil droplets (aerosols) and solid particles 0.01 microns and larger

  • Oil content after filtration: 0.008 ppm w/w

Pressure-swing (heatless) regenerative desiccant dryer

  • Produces extra dry air (-40°F or -100°F pressure dew point)

  • Efficient design minimizes purge air requirements

Afterfilter - 1 micron particulate filter

  • Removes desiccant fines

  • In-depth media allows long element life

  • Easy to use

User-friendly Construction

  • Mounted on sled type skid with lifting lugs and forklift channels

  • Prepiped with convenient in/out connections

  • Dryer runs on 12VDC (allows power to be supplied by portable compressor) - 115VAC optional

  • Automatic condensate drains

  • Gauges on filters indicate need for element replacement

  • Dryer control panel includes alarms and built-in diagnostic capabilities


Equipment Use

Metalworking Plants

For point-of-use with oil-lubricated compressors to produce oil-free air suitable for applications requiring tempered conditions for product finishing


Powers equipment for transport


For building and construction where applications for instrumentation or equipment requires compressed air.

Paper Mills

Helps use compressed air to pulp paper products

Chemical Plants

For use during processing of chemicals through clean air

Electronics Manufacturing

To ensure optimal end product results for this very technical industry oil-free air is required

Food and Drug Packaging

Ensures air is clean and meets requirements to operate machinery utilized in clean environments

Spray Painting/Powder Coating/Sandblasting

For point-of-use with oil-lubricated compressors to produce oil-free air suitable for applications requiring tempered conditions for product finishing; also for use before a portable air compressor

Blow Molding

For point-of-use with oil-lubricated compressors to produce oil-free air, optimizing production and end products for mold production

Pneumatic Instrumentation

Used on the front of oil-lubricated compressors to produce oil-free air to operate instrumentation in the manufacturing and industrial environment

Nitrogen Generation

For use when compressed air is necessary to procure nitrogen for industrial applications

Process Air

For point-of-use before the air compressor to dry and filter the air for conveying, and equipment operation


Specifically bridge repair and use with portable air compressors

Pipeline Dehydration

Use before portable compressors for confined space air flow