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The challenge

Our client wished to upgrade their existing whey collection and treatment facilities in order to improve the quality of whey to downstream processes.

The Solution

We made a number of improvements to the whey collection and transfer systems in the two cheese factories to reduce holding times and eliminate dead legs. Whey treatment was revised completely to remove fines and chill the whey for storage, prior to heat treatment. New high efficiency heat treatment units were provided, including heat recovery for use by other areas of the plant. Cream fat control from the separators was fully automated to minimise fat carry-over in the treated whey and eliminate blocking of the separators - always a problem when processing whey. Clarifiers were installed ahead of the heat treatment units to reduce fouling and improve run time. A system was installed to de-water and recover the cheese fines and also to recover the separator and clarifier sludge.



Key Processes Implemented

  • Clarification and heat treatment units, capacity 50,000 l/h each
  • Cream separation with automatic fat control, plus heat treatment, cooling and storage
  • Fines and sludge recovery and storage
  • Inclined screens and rotosieves for separation and de-watering of fines from raw whey
  • Raw whey coolers, each capable of processing 110,000 l/h
  • Raw Whey Storage
  • Treated whey storage