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The challenge

Our client wished to replace their ageing whey crystallisation tanks in order to comply with, among others, the latest Fonterra Standards of Excellence. The new crystallisers were to be double the capacity of the existing vessels and were to be housed in the existing evaporator hall.

The Solution

We supplied three purpose built 30,000 litre crystallising vessels, with agitation, baffles and cooling jacket designed specifically for the process and engineered to fit into the available space. As this was a unique product in New Zealand we worked very closely with Maungaturoto engineers, technicians and process staff throughout every phase of design, installation and commissioning. This resulted is three identical crystallisers and a high level platform easy for the operators to access from the control room and including features designed with operation, cleaning and maintenance in mind. A by-product of this project was that the existing equipment in the evaporator hall was rationalised and many minor improvements made, whilst the existing whey storage and crystallisation area outside was cleared for future use. An excellent example of client-supplier co-operation.



Key Processes Implemented

  • 3,500 l calcium carbonate batch mixing tanks with agitators and circulating pumps
  • 500 l vitamins batch mixing tanks with bag tipping stations, agitators and circulating pumps
  • Calcium slurry dosing systems with metering pumps and flow transmitters
  • Vitamin slurry dosing systems with metering pumps and flow transmitters
  • Bulk 1/2 tonne bag dump, transfer and storage
  • Diverter system to operate two batch tanks from one weigh hopper
  • Powder batching hopper on load cells, with return powder line to storage and dust extractor