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The challenge

Westland operated two existing spray dryers and wanted to increase milk intake and integrate a third dryer into the site. The milk treatment plant needed a complete reconfiguration to provide three different milk streams for the existing dryers and the third dryer. In order to minimise capital cost and streamline the process, no standardised milk storage was allowed to be used.

The Solution

We installed one new raw milk silo, a new 70 m3/h milk separation and pasteurisation line, and reconfigured existing silos to store all the milk ingredients. Two existing milk standardisation systems were relocated and a new Foss ProcesScan instrument and dosing systems installed to supply standardised milk on-line into the balance tank of the new evaporator for the third dryer.



Key Processes Implemented

  • Milk separation, 70 m3/h full skimming
  • NZCP7-compliant whole milk pasteurisation (dual plate method)
  • On-line fat and protein standardisation system using Foss ProcesScan analysis
  • Raw milk storage, 300 m3 silo
  • Reconfiguration and recommissioning of NIR and ratio standardisation systems