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Plug Valves - 2-Way and 3-Way

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  • Rubber Plug Valve photo
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manual valves

Plug valves have the longest service history of sanitary valves still in common use.
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They are manually operated and easy to use. Plug valves consist of a stainless steel body and a conical plug that is rotated in the body to stop or divert the flow.

  • 10C: 2-way plug valve is used only as a shutoff valve.
  • 11C: 3-way plug valve may be used as a divert to change the flow direction or as a shutoff valve.

3A Certification Logo

  • Durable, sanitary construction meeting 3A requirements
  • Body materials in 316SS
  • Plug material is either Buna rubber covered or metal (17-4PH).
  • Removable handle for easy service
  • Low pressure valves used mainly in dairy plants
  • To stop flow: use the 2-way 10C or the 3-way 11C.
  • To divert flow: use the 3-way 11C only.
  • Low pressure; 25 psi (1.7 bar) maximum
  • Low temperature; 100°F (38°C) maximum
  • COP (take-apart) cleaning