Spray Dryers

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Description :

Spray dryers can be used for a wide range of applications. The spray drying process is a continuous operation in which almost any pump-able liquid can be converted into a free flowing powder.



With more than 3,500 spray dryers installed worldwide, we combine experience and cutting-edge technology in added-value solutions for our customers.

Spray Dryers - Function and Principle of Operation
The liquid is dried, collected and delivered for further treatment without any intermediate manual handling. The spray drying process is applicable to a wide range of products and industries, and plant capacities from a few gr/h to 80 tons/h are available. SPX FLOW handles projects ranging from laboratory size to large industrial spray dryer processing lines and turnkey plants.

Correct atomization and air distribution are the keys to the spray drying process, as both greatly influence the final powder structure and quality. Often, spray dryers are equipped with high-speed centrifugal atomizers ensuring sturdy and reliable operation. High-Pressure nozzle atomization is used especially for products where a rather coarse powder with narrow particle distribution and high bulk density is required. In the nozzle atomizer, fines are returned around one or more central nozzles in order to facilitate optimum agglomeration. Two-Fluid nozzle agglomeration is typically applied in small chambers allowing maximum flexibility in particle design and particle engineering for both super-fine and agglomerated particles.

Special Features
Our spray dryers incorporate a number of special design features including atomizers as well as our Controlled Flow Nozzle for easy start-up and shut-down, short off-spec period, controlled particle size and easy process control.

Capacity Profile
A few gr/h to 80 tons/h.

Spray Dryer designs available

  • Traditional open-cycle systems in single stage or multi-stage modes
  • Closed circuit systems applying either inert gas, Low-Ox or super-heated steam configuration
  • More than 20 different chamber designs including conical bottom, flat bottom, tall form, uniflow and high body.
  • Heat recovery systems for minimizing energy consumption.


The spray dryers are available in a wide range of sizes and configurations providing:

  • Uniform quality
    Complete control of moisture content, particle structure, particle size distribution, solubility, and wettability, and retention of natural aromas and flavors.

  • Unbeatable performance /cost ratio
    Energy efficient components, continuous and rapid drying, ease of operation and process automation provide complete control over yield and costs.

  • Versatility
    Customized plant design based on many years of experience in a wide range of applications is your assurance of complete compliance with individual requirements.

  • Long service life
    Top-quality, reliable components, efficient and straightforward CIP and expert engineering increase service life and availability for maximum performance.

  • Traceability
    Automated process control enables end-to-end traceability in compliance with current food standards and regulations.

Key Applications

Liquid-to-powder spray dryer products throughout the dairy, food, feed, chemical, pharmaceutical and environmental sectors.