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Brine Handling Unit or System

Product Type:
Systems / Ultra High Temperature

Ensures forward flow of clean, saturated brine at the right temperature to the brine vats.

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The brine handling system consists of brine storage, salt storage and salt dosing system, microfiltration plant for brine cleaning, plate heat exchanger for temperature adjustment, and a forward flow and return system. The brine storage system consists of a tank for brine returned from the brining plant, and a tank for cleaned, saturated brine. The returned brine is pumped through the salt dosing system where the salt content is adjusted, and through the microfiltration plant for cleaning. Finally the cleaned, saturated brine is stored in the relevant tank prior to temperature adjustment in the plate heat exchanger and forwarding to the brining vats.


  • Forward flow to each brine vat of clean, saturated and temperature-adjusted brine, enabling real batch traceability
  • The system is fully CIP cleanable
  • Automatically controlled
  • Cheese brine of high hygienic standard
Key Applications

Field of application

  • Cheese plants
Cheese Technology ID-6003 GB
Technical Documents
Brine Reclamation Process ID-10002 US