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Tubular Ultra High Temperature UHT Express Systems

Product Type:
Systems / Ultra High Temperature

New Tubular UHT Express provides efficient production, straightforward maintenance and heightened food safety.

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Tubular UHT Express Systems designed for use with standard UHT food, dairy, beverage, and a variety of specialty products up to 19% total solid.

Standard systems designed for easy ordering, fast delivery, low cost and, based on our vast experience, without compromise on performance. How can you lose?


Designed to optimize output

  • High turbulence decreases fouling and shortens cleaning time
  • High product flow velocity minimizes fouling and extends run time between CIP
  • Easy inspection and access for shorter maintenance times


Food safety

  • High bacteria kill rates
  • Sharp separation of product and process water
  • Efficient, effective cleaning
  • Lower energy consumption


Other key features

  • Extended energy recovery
  • Pre-assembled and factory-tested for easy and fast installation
  • Capacities: 6,600; 13,000 , 20,000 and 26,000 ltr/hr 1 ½” , 2”, 2 ½”, 3”
  • CIP and PLC systems included
  • Customized SPX FLOW service and maintenance agreements
  • Global delivery of genuine spare parts and aftermarket support
  • Application testing at the SPX FLOW innovation centers in Denmark and China
Key Applications


  • Drinking milk products, cream and desserts
  • ESL drinking milk and fermented products
  • Milk and infant formula concentrates


  • Protein fortified nutritional beverage
  • Fruit juice, coffee and tea products


  • Soups
  • Plant based beverage like soy, almonds, nuts and oak.
Tubular UHT Express Animation - Fast, Affordable, Proven
Tubular UHT with Production Boosting Technology - APV-6751 GB