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The adviser software considers many years of bolt working experience, where data has been channeled into a single computer software program. Bolt tightening data, procedures and recommendations for standard flanged joints, makes adviser an invaluable tool to any industry.

The Adviser software package includes:

  • Tightening data for BS1560, MSS SP44, API 6A and 17D flanged joints.
  • Encompasses standard flanges, wafer check valves, spade and spacers, and swivel flange assemblies.
  • Torque data and tensioning tool pressures for both Subsea and Topsides applications.
  • Bolt extension calculations.
  • Tightening procedures and Torque sequences.
  • Joint specific recommendations for improved integrity.
  • Large database of bolt materials.
  • Large database of bolt lubricants.
  • Dimensional data of flanges.
  • Recommended bolt lengths.
  • Simple user interface with 'Windows' look and feel.



Flange Pro



Information is Power….

  • If you want effective control of all workflow from planning through to inspection and testing.
  • If you want ease of data capture and total confidence in accuracy.
  • If you want a better way…. a safer way….a way that reduces risk and saves money,
    then we have the answer FLANGE PRO

At SPX FLOW, with providing bolting products for over 65 years, we have seen challenges and find creative solutions that bring real value to our customers.

Our newest innovation is the introduction of FLANGE PRO , a software solution offering the ultimate secure, safe and traceable flange management system. The implications of leakage from connections in process pipework can be extremely serious, and with many thousands of connections on site, from flanges to valves to small bore connections, maintaining integrity and 100% containment is an extremely high priority. FLANGE PRO  has been designed to improve safety, reduce risk and save money. Protecting assets, protecting people and the environment.

A global, collaborative cloud-based system, FLANGE PRO  provides secure access to any project, on demand, anywhere in the world.

FLANGE PRO  captures and records all integrity activities on all safety critical plant and equipment. Providing access through a simple intuitive user interface and gives you the information you need, when you need it. Whether in planning, construction, operations, maintenance or working on turnaround activities, FLANGE PRO  is the integrity solution for all flange management situations.

So whatever stage of the process you’re working on, whether breaking into a system, cleaning, checking or inspecting flange faces, reassembling or tightening joints, FLANGE PRO  provides live, usable information when you need it. Whether it’s drawing numbers, system details, joint, bolt and gasket details, tightening and torque values, pressure testing, joint history or an interactive site process map, it’s all there at your fingertips.

FLANGE PRO  is the ultimate tool to optimize flange management, asset integrity and traceability.




Flange Management Systems can help address elements of SEMS, SEMS II, and RP 75, such as:

  • Maintaining key information on flanged joints, leak testing, and controlled bolting bolt load calculations and methods.
  • Documentation of operating procedures for controlled bolting processes.
  • Help maintain mechanical integrity of piping assets.

Flange Management Systems can help address KP4 requirements:

  • Help track flange records for aging assets and maintain a documented record of their condition.

Furthermore Flange Management Systems provides a system to help manage hydrocarbon-containing equipment from experiencing a hydrocarbon release.


  • The Deepwater Horizon accident resulted in the loss of eleven lives and the overall cost was several billion dollars.
  • The Piper Alpha accident cost the loss of 167 lives and changed the face of the North Sea Oil & Gas industry entirely.
  • A high consequence event that occurred in a California refinery which resulted when a 4" 300# gasket failed due to improper tightening. The refinery reported that consequential damages due to production loss, fines, and rework were in excess of $500M*. (Source: 2014 AFPM Reliability & Maintenance Conference)

Our Flange Management Systems helps to:

  • Mitigate & Avoid high consequence events
  • Extend the life of an asset
  • Maintain expected performance
  • Manage Risk




Built upon our unique and highly flexible IMS, FLANGEPRO can be used in many different fields, project phases and for many different service lines and activities, such as:

During this stage, the software provides you:

  Reduced errors
  • One click access
  • Allows user preferred bolt load calculations
  • Simplifies tool selections
  • Automated process
  • Wider variety of calculation methods



During this stage, the software provides you:

  Improved planning
 Better resource utilization
  Reduced errors

  • Tooling requirements
  • Personnel certification
  • Enhance scheduling function
  • Reduces preparation time dramatically
  • Tagging system


On Site Work

During this stage, the software provides helps you:

   Control activity
   Improved productivity
   Reduced errors

  • Real time project status
  • Dashboard and KPI's
  • Automatic completion of paperwork
  • Records and documents repository


Completion Handovers

During this stage, the software provides you:

   Easy data access to records
   Ensures no loss of data
   Mitigates costly lawsuits

  • Auto-generation of paperwork
  • Automated sign-off of completion forms
  • Historical CSV records
  • Create handover documentation





Multiple Projects Cloud Platform Markup Tool

A centralized repository to capture,
store and visualize multiple project or
asset related information.

Internet-based global delivery of integrity systems to support both regional and international project execution and governance.

This tool combines powerful document editing, markup and collaboration technology and when combined with our intelligent workflow system a comprehensive visualization tool.

Asset Identification Configuribility / Flexibility ISO 27001

Rapid operations using barcoding and RFID for identification of physical and paper assets to automate business processes and improve accuracy.

Our software is very flexible and can be extensively customized to mirror your organizational process and procedures.

Our Data Centers are all ISO 27001 and 9001 accredited and operated at tier 3+ equivalent levels, ensuring you receive the highest standard of service. Our facilities have fully redundant …



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