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ENS Series

The Bolting Systems ENS series hydraulic nut splitter offers a reliable and effective solution to the removal of seized and corroded nuts. The ENS series preforms efficiently due to a blade positioning scale to eliminate bolt damage. Allowing for a fixed cutting depth the ENS series utilizes an adjustable rotating cylinder. Size range from 3/4" to 3-1/2" bolt diameters. Designed to fit ANSI, ASME B.16.5 flanges. Featuring a twin line hydraulic version available for subsea use. The ENS series hydraulic nut splitter is versatile, reliable and trouble-free, while operating off a standard 10,000 psi (700 bar). Designed for safe use, the tool features a unit built-in safety relief valve to protect tool & operator. Double acting (subsea) version comes standard with 700 bar, 1/4" NPT, push to connect (PTC) couplers. To use with top side pumps, change out couplers to 700 bar, 1/4" NPT, screw-to-connect style.


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HNS Series

Hydraulic nut splitter will deliver enough force to split the toughest fused or rusted-on grade 2H nuts. “dial-in” feature on HNS150 makes adjustment of splitter simple, without the worry of damaging the bolt specially designed “tool steel” cutter blade penetrates the nut to the precise point where it cracks, stopping short of the bolt threads nut splitter features a dramatically improved cutter blade with an 800% greater resistance to chipping and breaking over previous models all models feature a rugged one-piece cutting frame coupled to a heavy-duty hydraulic cylinder compact size allows you to use it in confined areas where it will delivers enough force to split the toughest “fused” or rusted-on grade 2H nuts simply split nut on one side, spin nut splitter 1/2 turn and make second cut on opposite side; nut separates into halves for easy removal uses a standard 3/8" high flow coupler.


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FLS Series

Bolting Systems has intractably design the FLS series of hydraulic cylinders. These units are ideal for pipe and flange repair. They can also be used for removing elbows, gasket and metal seal replacement on couplers, heavy equipment maintenance, and many other tasks. The spreaders are capable of developing up to 15 metric tons of force, are lightweight (only 7 lbs. [3.2 kg]), and easy to use due to their ergonomic design. 33,000 pound (15 metric ton) wedge driven spreader Jaws fully supported by wedge for excellent durability Low friction provided by heavy-duty extended-life lubricant Ideal for flanges with narrow gaps - only .2 inches (5 mm) required for entry Very high strength due to special alloy used Compact and lightweight design - only 9.9 inches (252 mm) long at a weight of 7 pounds (3.2 kg) Easy to use - ergonomically balanced handle (Optional) Suitable for the offshore environment due to superior corrosion resistance Quick adjustments for various tasks due to interchangeable shoes (both stepped and serrated) Easy and quick maintenance - no special tools required Includes female half coupler - mates to standard 3/8" male half coupler (9798). Both serrated- and stepped-shoe versions available Hydraulic Spreaders FLS15 & FLS15-ST This hydraulic spreader operates using the integrated wedge concept. It is ideal for creating space for flange surface cleaning and repair, and for gasket replacement. The spreader is single-acting, and should be used with a hydraulic pump capable of holding pressure. Maximum operating pressure is 10,000 psi (700 bar). Spreading force: Maximum 33,000 pounds (15 metric tons) per tool at 10,000 psi (700 bar). It is recommended that the tools be used in pairs, providing a maximum combined force of 66,000 pounds (30 metric tons). Typical Applications: Pipe and flange repair Removing elbows Couplers - gasket and metal seal replacement Heavy equipment maintenance.


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HFS Series

HFS pipe flange spreader you’ll never again have to resort to “hammer and chisel” methods that waste time and effort. Flange spreaders should be used in pairs to provide even spreading force. Standard 60° wedge is suitable for most flanges; 30°“thin” and 60° “blunt” wedges are optional. The HFS3A is designed for applications where total thickness of flanges and maximum spread gap is 3"(76,2 mm) or less and flange bolts are a minimum of 11/16" (17,5 mm) diameter use HFS6A if total thickness of flanges and maximum spread gap is 6" (152,4 mm) or less, and flange bolts area minimum. Of 13/16" (20,7 mm) diameter.


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