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  • Mobile & Stationary Hydraulics

Look to Power Team® and Bolting Systems™ to provide a variety of bolting, heavy lift and positioning products focused on solutions for construction, mining, and power generation applications.

Whether it is a bridge, a building, heavy machinery or any other large load, the challenge is always the same when maneuvering heavy objects: loads can shift, the center of gravity is often unknown, uneven load distribution while bending & torsion stresses are not acceptable. Only through accurate incremental movements and a continuous control of displacement & forces can this challenge be met.

Thanks to our expert knowledge and many years of experience, SPX FLOW is much more than just a supplier of hydraulic products, we are your solution provider when it comes to maneuvering heavy objects in a safe and precise way. Working together with you to develop solutions for your heavy-load application or process while offering maximum safety & efficiency is our goal.

We are your partner in bolting, heavy lift and positioning solutions, enabling you to complete your project safely, in less time and on budget.

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Motion Control System (MCS)



The Motion Control System (MCS) hydraulically controls the multi-point movement of an object,reducing the internal stress on an object during lift.

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Synchronous Bridge Lift



The Power Team Motion Control System (MCS) was connected to eight lifting points, using 200 ton cylinders to lift a bridge and replace bearing in North Carolina, USA.

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Power Team Testimonial


Under extremely tight deadlines, our solution makers came through to deliver 28 of our 200 ton locking collar cylinders for this massive project.

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Bridge Solutions

Power Team® cylinders are perfect for bridge lifting, infrastructure, construction, and mining applications. Cylinder series are available in many sizes, strokes, or tonnages and can be offered with locking collars, in single or dual action, center holes, and constructed in lightweight Aluminum for easier transport to the job site.

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Construction Solutions

Power Team® offers many series of powerful multi-faceted hydraulic pumps that excel with multiple applications. From heavy construction to concrete stressing, Power Team pumps are designed for longevity. Many of the pump series can be ordered in single-acting and double-acting models and configured with a variety of valve and reservoir options.

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Transportation Solutions

Power Team® offers many tools to accomplish your seemingly impossible task. From the heavy-duty, pump/cylinder combination industrial jacks, designed specifically for railroad maintenance, to an assortment of mechanical, hydraulic and specialty pullers for the removal of stubborn gears or bearings. No huge job can be done without the help of Power Team® products.

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Tunneling Solutions

Power Team® has a reputation for industry leading hydraulic pumps and continues to offer solutions to fit customer needs. The Power Team® multi-point synchronized lifting and lowering motion control system (MCS) is used in many heavy-lift hydraulic applications where load position is critical. Whether it is a bridge, building or any kind of heavy load, the precision movement can be carried out automatically with a high degree of accuracy.

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Power Generation Solutions

Bolting Systems™ is the go-to source for the latest hydraulic torque and tensioning technologies. Bolting Systems offers a comprehensive range of bolting tools, torque wrench pumps, continuous-duty hydraulic pumps, nut splitters, flange spreaders, bolt tensioners and bolting systems; as well as all the maintenance, repair and calibration services needed to support them.

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