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Etsiline CommPact Series

Product Type:
Air & Gas Treatment / Waveguide Dehydrators

Dry air for networks, cables and signals; the revamped Delair® Etsiline CommPact: smaller, easier to manage and quick to install


The Delair® Etsiline is now an even better way to combat moisture and condensation, the greatest enemies of networks, cables and signals. The revamped Delair Etsiline CommPact makes it even easier to keep cables dry and remove condensation and moisture using dry air. The Etsiline CommPact is smaller and can be read and managed remotely.

A perfect and reliable result with even greater convenience and lower costs
The new design is compact: its just 9 cm high and can therefore be installed virtually anywhere. The web interface allows you to read and manage it remotely. An engineer can access the information, identify and assess problems and change the settings from any location. The Etsiline CommPact is therefore easier to use and requires less employee deployment and less travel time and travel expenses, and is operational again more quickly after maintenance and faults, even if the Etsiline is installed in hard-to-reach places. In other words, the Delair® Etsiline CommPact offers you a perfect and reliable result with greater convenience and lower costs.


More information

The Delair® Etsiline CommPact is a SPX FLOW product. We supply modified and high-engineered solutions for end users and consulting engineers.


Feel free to contact us for more information about us or about the Etsiline CommPact.

The Delair® Etsiline CommPact in brief

  • Compact & Flexible
    • The Etsiline CommPact is just 9 cm high and is suitable for wall, floor, ETSI and 19” rack mounting.
    • The Etsiline is equipped with a 8 valve connection block, each equipped with a shut-off.

  • Plug-&-Play - A power socket is all that’s required to get the Etsiline CommPact working.

  • Automatic online communications - A web interface enables an engineer to access the information and identify and assess problems from any location. You can also access this information via a dashboard or through your management system.

  • Quiet & Stable -The optimum size and the balanced low pressure compressor mean that vibration and noise are minimized.

  • Reliable & Low Maintenance - High quality components mean that little maintenance is required and both the reliability and a long lifespan are guaranteed.

  • Digital Control - The microprocessor-controlled circuit board ensures optimum performance. The digital readout provides a continuous and clear status of the processes, operating pressure and number of operating hours.

  • Low Power Consumption & High Yield - The carefully selected high quality components in conjunction with efficient low pressure compressors result in low power consumption and a high yield.
Delair Etsiline CommPact - Producing Dry Air for Waveguide and Air Cable
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