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Sweetened Condensed Milk

Production of sweetened condensed milk (SCM) with fresh milk

Sweetened condensed milkProcess

Standardized milk 7.8% TS & 3.1% fat is mixed with sugar in order to obtain the specific ratio to meet final product functionalities. Prior to evaporation, the product is subjected to the heat treatment process. Temperature range and holding time ( 90°C – 120°C) from 0 up to 5 minutes.

Heater types

Indirect heating with plate heat exchangers or shell and tubes. Direct heaters combination of direct contact heaters with flash vessels and direct steam injection ( DSI unit). A combination of both can also be used. Heating and holding the product at certain temperatureand time influence the final product viscosity. The heat treatment process can be made as a stand unit or integrated with an evaporator.


Production of recombined sweetened condensed milk (RSCM)

The desired amount of water is filled into a mixing tank and circulated through a heat exchanger whereby the temperature is increased and maintained at 60°C.

Milk powder and water are filled and mixed in a dynamic/static mixer in order to obtain a homogeneous mix, then the sucrose is added until dissolution. Oil or fat is dosed by means of a positive pump into the resultant mix to reach the desired specification.

Heat treatment and homogenization
The product is filtered and homogenized between 50-150 bar prior final heating in a direct/indirect heating system. Temperature range usually considered are 80°C-105°C.

Flash cooling
Flash cooling is applicable to both methods of producing SCM & RSCM.

The product is fed to the 3 stage flash cooling system whereby it is subjected to a sudden drop in pressure and thus cooled down. This process is repeated in the other stages. Seeding lactose is added between the second and third stages in order to obtain fine crystals. The product is extracted by a positive displacement and transferred to the lactose crystallization tanks to further crystallize till it is ready for the can filling operation.