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SPX FLOW is recognized internationally as a leading supplier of liquid and powder processing technology to many different industries including the coffee processing industry.

Process - production of instant coffee

In the production of instant coffee, coffee extract is produced by extracting the roast and ground coffee with hot water in high-yield percolators. The non-soluble coffee grounds, which remain in the percolator after extraction, can be mechanically dewatered to a residual moisture of 52% H2O, permitting incineration for energy generation. After the extraction process, the aromas are recovered and the coffee extract is concentrated under gentle conditions, followed by either spray drying into a powder or freeze drying into a granule.

SPX FLOW engineers supplies complete and integrated turn-key process lines for soluble coffee powder and canned-liquid coffee. SPX FLOW supplies all required plant utilities (steam boiler, air compressor, water chiller, cooling tower, etc.) based on the latest technology for:

Special design features for optimum coffee aroma retention
A feature of Anhydro spray dryer designs is gentle drying conditions that secure optimum coffee aroma retention. Anhydro's coffee technology enables precise control of important soluble powder properties.

Coffee extract gasification
SPX FLOW has commercialized a novel coffee extract gasification unit for CO2 and N2 dosing under high pressure (after the high-pressure pump), enabling simultaneous extract gasification with CO2 (in liquid form) and N2 to deliver unparalleled control of essential end-product properties such as:

  • Colour (brightness) of the final soluble coffee powder

  • Particle size distribution and powder structure

  • Bulk density

Modernization and retro-fitting
SPX FLOW provides modernization and retro-fitting services for existing coffee plants resulting in significant enhancement of end-product quality, as well as minimizing water consumption, and cutting energy costs. In addition, SPX FLOW supplies individual plant components tailored to customer requirements.

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