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Anhydro small scale plants are designed for scientific test work, industrial research and development, as well as for small scale production. The Anhydro small scale plants offer high uptime and yield, adaptability, repeatability, full process control, scalability, and compliance with the strictest factory standards.

The Anhydro MicraSpray series is the result of more than 60 years of spray drying experience and expertise gained from thousands of installed spray dryers and innumerable drying tests conducted on a huge variety of different products.

Anhydro MicraSpray dryers feature a series of cutting-edge technology developments within key process components, opening new doors for particle engineering and plant sanitation. Anhydro MicraSpray dryers can be customized and scaled to virtually any requirement within primary as well as secondary pharmaceuticals.

Anhydro MicraSpray class configurations

For further information about the Anhydro MicraSpray and Anhydro MasterSpray small scale plants, please have a look under products/dryers.