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Anhydro Spray Dryer Options

Anhydro Atmospheric Air Dryers

Applications: aqueous based API or drug products under CGMP conditions.

Configurations: single stage execution (producing fine particles) and multistage execution (for agglomerated powders, typically applied for direct compressible powders).

Anhydro Inert Gas Single Pass Dryers

Applications: sterile conditions, low bioburden processing ideal for heat liable products, solvent base or potent compounds R&D work on a very infrequent basis for either solvent-based products or potent compounds.

Configuration: Single Pass employing inert gas as the drying medium without recirculation of the spent drying gas.

Anhydro Inert Gas Closed Circiut Dryers

Applications: solvent-based (water, ethanol, acetone and methylene chloride) pharmaceuticals

Configuration: additional powder recovery and solvent recovery systems, as well as EX-proof electrical controls.