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Anhydro MicraSpray Dryers

  • Anhydro MicraSpray dryer MS 35


  • Anhydro MicraSpray 150


  • Anhydro MicraSpray 400


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  • Anhydro MicraSpray dryer MS 35
  • Anhydro MicraSpray 150
  • Anhydro MicraSpray 400
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small scale plants

The Anhydro standard MicraSpray plants are available in different sizes with gas rates of 35 - 75 - 150 - 400 - 750 kg/h.
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The small scale Anhydro MicraSpray dryers are designed especially for pharmaceutical R&D work as well as small scale and continuous production. Small scale production is relevant, when the feed product is expensive, or if only small quantities are required. The typical product applications for the Anhydro spray dryers are free flowing powders, agglomerated powders and fine powders.

This series of dryers is the result of more than 60 years of spray drying experience and expertise gained from literally thousands of installed spray dryers and other thousands of drying tests conducted on thousands of different products. We have delivered more than 1,500 spray dryers in this size range.

Standard MicraSpray dryers follow a design concept based on a basic dryer, to which a wide range of optional modules can be selected. This enables the user to tailor his spray dryer.

Standard MicraSpray dryers are accompanied by a standard set of documentation, typically not adequate to ensure subsequent validation.

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Anhydro MicraSray GMP

The Anhydro MicraSpray GMP series is an upgraded version of the standard plants featuring enhanced plant surface finish, material certificates, process gas filtration and supply of documentation enabling qualification of the equipment.

Most Anhydro MicraSpray-GMP dryers are used for primary pharma, typically Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, excipients and some antibiotics. The MicraSpray-GMP dryer quality standards comply with FDA approval procedures and the dryers are used in R&D work as well as in actual production.

Anhydro MicraSray A-Class series

The Anhydro MicraSpray A-Class series eliminates inspection doors and unnecessary flange. The MicraSpray Aseptic series applies the same ultimate equipment standard as the MS A-Class series.

Special steps have been taken to ensure that the Anhydro MS Aseptic series is the first and only truly aseptic spray dryer available. Sterility of all process conditions is required to ensure that a process is truly aseptic, and a range Anhydro MicraSpray Aseptic of special features has been implemented to ensure these exact conditions.

MS Aseptic dryers are designed for peptides, proteins, vaccines and other biopharmaceutical products requiring aseptic processes connections in the process vessels in order to provide optimum surfaces and even vessel surface temperatures.

The series also features cutting-edge technology air distribution systems, atomization systems and powder separation systems. Mirror-polished surfaces and comprehensively documented qualification services are readily available.

Anhydro is constantly developing special verification systems, which will allow users to track and document some of the most complex parameters in spray drying. In other words, we help to verify that your process does not change over time.

Anhydro MicraSpray A-Class dryers are designed for secondary pharmaceuticals, typically final formulation, spray congealing for taste masking, increased bio-availability drugs, micro-encapsulation and powders for inhalation.

Anhydro MicraSpray Aseptic series

The Anhydro MicraSpray Aseptic spray dryer series is the first and only truly aseptic spray dryer series available. Anhydro MicraSpray Aseptic dryers are designed for peptides, proteins, vaccines and other biopharmaceutical products requiring aseptic processes. The MicraSpray Aseptic Series is based on the same equipment standard as the MS A-Class series together with a range of special features to ensure a truly aseptic process.

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