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Security and Confidentiality

SPX innovation center in Soeborg, DenmarkSecurity and confidentiality are critical when developing new processes and applications for new products or product enhancements.

SPX FLOW follows a stringent set of standards and procedures in order to protect the interests of our customers. These include:

Our staff

Our staff are sworn to confidentiality.

Rules of access

  • Visitor registration at the main reception

  • Monitoring of all people entering the SPX v innovatin center

  • Access only in the company of an Anhydro Test Team member

  • Signed agreement to strict confidentiality

  • Possession and knowledge of safety instructions in force at the SPX FLOW innovation center

  • Visitor access only to areas and plant relevant to their specific project

Other facilities

  • Customer staff involved in test projects will be allocated a private meeting/control room with access restricted to members of their team only

  • Safety garments and other relevant protection items will be made available

  • All visitors are welcome in the Open Lounge where coffee, other hot drinks and chilled water are available.

  • Cameras are not permitted inside the innovation center