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Plant Retrofitting

Production plant must keep pace with product innovation. Anhydro research and development programmes at the SPX FLOW innovation center in Soeborg, Denmark, ensure that the latest features and options are always available to our customers.

Upgrading existing plant
Many customers have benefited from retrofits to their existing plant, enabling them to optimize efficiency and meet the latest demands by continuing to leverage their existing investments.

Adding additional stages can increase evaporator and dryer throughput. Heat recovery systems can deliver significant energy savings. Filters and scrubbers can ensure compliance with new environmental regulations. And automation systems can provide significant enhancements in product quality through improved monitoring and control.

Straightforward and effective
In the vast majority of cases retrofitting a plant upgrade is a straightforward process that can deliver the same benefits at a lower cost than the purchase and installation of new plant.

By upgrading existing plant you can achieve:

  • Additional throughput by adding more stages

  • Cost reductions through increased energy efficiency

  • Compliance with the latest environmental and safety regulations

  • Enhanced end-product quality through automation

  • Additional yield from current investments