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Spare Parts Service

Nothing lasts forever. If the worst does happen and you find yourself needing a key component to keep your production running, we can fly it out for you to pick up at your local shipping agent in as little as 48 hours.

On-site spares
While the cost of downtime will almost certainly justify the extra cost of air freight, you can save extra time and money by maintaining a small stock of the most important parts locally. If you have a Preventive Maintenance Agreement, but have not already received a recommendation for the contents of such a stock, we will be pleased to conduct an audit of your installed Anhydro base and application requirements. This will result in a wear parts replacement scheme to keep your plant running while tying up a minimum of capital in spares.

Extensive current spare parts stocks
We maintain an extensive stock of spare parts supporting plant, which is up to 10 years old. Parts for older plants are available by order, but will take longer to deliver. This means that it may be worth considering a retrofit upgrade of the plant section in question in order to avoid unnecessary downtime.

SPX FLOW Spare Parts service enables you to optimize your production by:

  • Obtaining vital spares quickly in an emergency

  • Maintaining a local stock to ensure readiness at minimum cost

  • Obtaining parts for older plant by separate order

These services are also available as part of a preventive maintenance agreement customised to your needs.

You can download the SPX FLOW Magnerscan data sheet from Resources under parts and service.