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Liquid Dairy

Each system is specially selected to suit the individual characteristics and processing requirements of the end-product.

Liquid dairy products can be catagorised as follows:

  • Pasteurized products such as full fat, skimmed and semi-skimmed milk
  • UHT sterilised or extended shelf-life products
  • Re-combined milk products from milk powder
  • Flavoured milks, including chocolate milk, fruit nutritional drinks, flavoured milks and fruit juice/milk drinks
  • Modified milks products with increased protein or vitamin content, using APV membranes, which ensure accurate and consistent protein content in the end-product
  • Dairy based dessert products such as custards, puddings, desserts and sauces
  • Concentrated milks including whey protein enriched concentrated milks and casein enriched/concentrated milks
  • Other liquid milk products

SPX FLOW has proven ability to help produce high quality products, both efficiently and consistently. This in-depth knowledge and active involvement in the development of the world's dairy industry, combined with proven experience in project management of major capital projects, makesus the ideal partner for the design and installation of state-of-the-art processing equipment.