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Cheese Whey


Whey, once described as a by-product of cheese-making, is now becoming increasingly popular in being a source of highly functional, highly nutritional ingredients in dairy and food formulations. The benefits of consuming whey proteins, sugars, phospholipids and minerals are nothing new but now the science to support them is finally becoming available, as is the technology to isolate and purify the most functional and bio-available components of the milk.

Whey Type Examples:

Demineralized Whey
Lactose Whey
Whey Powder
Whey Protein Concentrate

SPX FLOW, recognized to be a highly innovative technology supplier, has a commitment to help customers by offering the most cost effective combination of membranes configurations and materials, technologies designs and engineering, to process wheys into a wide and proprietary range of Whey Protein Concentrates and/or Whey Protein Isolates, lactose and salts. At the same time, the water from whey is reclaimed into the process so customers can reduce their fresh water bills and wastes disposal costs.

With the right combination of membrane filtration technologies, whey protein manufacturers are sitting on a gold mine because they can now expand into new markets previously dominated by other food proteins.

  • Microfiltration (need link) for WPCs debacterisation, defatting, and whey phospholipids extraction
  • Ultrafiltration (need link) for Whey Protein concentration and purification
  • Nanofiltration (need link) for Whey concentration Demineralisation, Lactose concentration and purification, divalent ions separation
  • Reverse osmosis (need link) for Whey concentration and water reclaim
  • Microparticulation (need link) for boosting of functional properties of Whey Proteins