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The dairy industry has become a complex business. In the old days, it was mainly a matter of delivering basic milk, cheese and butter products to a limited area. But now, dairy manufacturers are providing a sophisticated and ever-changing range of products to customers all over the world. Success in the industry hinges on market insight and the ability to move very quickly when consumer demands and trends change.

This is where SPX FLOW can really help. With over a century of experience in the dairy industry, we know how to cut costs and delivery times to an absolute minimum, while pushing quality to new heights. And we have a very sophisticated program of new product development to help you put out just the right product at just the right time.

Here are some more specific reasons why SPX is a world leader in the dairy industry:

  • SPX FLOW has invented a number of innovative, quality components, including the APV Compomaster for fat standardisation, the APV Palarisator for UHT infusion and the APV Uperizer for UHT injection
  • We have specific expertise in hygienic engineering, including CIP, conforming to the highest international standards
  • SPX FLOW has a worldwide network of sales and service offices to provide comprehensive customer support
  • We can build state-of-the-art plants, providing every service from engineering design to operator training
  • We maintain process centres where you can test your products on our equipment or train your operators
  • We continually renew our reputation as innovators through ongoing research and development
  • SPX FLOW offers a full line of production components, plus a wide variety of packaging solutions
  • We have expertise in the processing of liquid milk, fresh cheese and whey products, butter and yellow fat spreads, dried, agglomerated, evaporated and condensed products, cultured products, baby foods and soy milk