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Energy and Environmental Process Industries


SPX FLOW has been a major player in the processing industries for many years, and we've always worked to help our customers get the very most out of their resources. Through this experience we've gained outstanding expertise in the areas of energy efficiency and pollution control.

We invented and developed the APV plate heat exchanger, for example, and it is now one of the world's most efficient methods of heat transfer. We've also been very busy in the areas of waste recovery and emission control, developing highly efficient technologies for evaporation, spray drying, distillation and membrane filtration. These are just a few of the ways in which we're helping industry to minimize production costs and work towards a cleaner environment.

Other benefits of using APV products include:

  • SPX FLOW's heat transfer products help you get the most out of your fuel at the source, but also at the end of the line (heat recovery)
  • APV Paraflow heat exchangers are widely used in a variety of settings, including power plants, substations, incinerator plants, geothermal plants and heating systems
  • Our evaporation systems are used to concentrate a host of waste products from the food and chemical industries, resulting in a much smaller and more manageable waste stream
  • Our spray drying systems are excellent for removing gases from flues
  • APV Distillation products from SPX FLOW allow you to recover dangerous or valuable solvents, efficiently and safely
  • Our expertise in the area of membrane filtration is very useful in these times of ever-increasing demand for water treatment and purification systems
  • SPX FLOW makes sophisticated twin screw extruders, which are very useful in degassing processes (for example, in the removal of regulated residual solvents and monomers during packaging stages).