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Coffee and Tea

SPX FLOW has extensive experience in the supply of equipment for the manufacture of tea and coffee drinks. Our main areas of expertise are:

  • Manufacture of instant tea and coffee
    • Thermal concentration
    • Freeze concentration
    • Spray drying
  • Production of liquid drinks such as iced tea and coffee
    • Re-constitution - Pasteurization

Instant tea & coffee

Instant tea and coffee can be prepared either by spray drying or by freeze drying. In each case the drying processes are preceded by extraction and then concentration of the liquor. Most spray-dried products are produced from thermally concentrated extracts and the APV Plate Evaporator has proven an excellent method of concentration.

When high-quality freeze-dried tea or coffee is to be produced, freeze concentration is usually preferred, because there is less volatile loss. APV Scraped-Surface Heat Exchangers have been successfully used to slush freeze the extract prior to basket centrifuging for pre-concentration.

Spray drying is usually with a tall form APV dryer. Most spray-dried instant coffees and teas are now instantized with an agglomerator. This reduces the bulk density, improves dissolution and gives improved flavour, by using the stripped volatile fraction for the re-wetting.

Liquid tea & coffee drinks

The market for this product has seen rapid growth over recent years. SPX FLOW has been a leading supplier of process equipment for these beverages and has installed plants with capacities of up to 60,000 l/hr for the production of iced tea.