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SPX FLOW has experience in the supply of equipment for the manufacture of dessert products of various types.

Examples include:

  • Rice pudding
  • Custard
  • Sweet sauces
  • Chocolate puddings
  • Aerated products

The majority of dessert products are heavily thickened with starch or other hydrocolloid, sweetened, coloured and flavoured. They may also have some dairy content and/or vegetable oil and chocolate included.

For most main stream products, SPX FLOW's sauce processing can easily be adapted. It is particularly important to select the correct processing equipment to suit individual ingredients, such as starch or chocolate.

In some cases, a final whipping stage is needed to produce a lighter, aerated product. This can be achieved using the basic sauce process but using an APV Whipper/Chiller for final cooling.

SPX FLOW has considerable experience in the supply of equipment for manufacture of dessert products in many countries. The many reference installations demonstrate that we have the skill and know-how needed to provide complete installations. Equally, SPX FLOW can offer cost-effective improvements to selected unit operations in existing production lines.