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Egg Products

A wide variety of egg products are manufactured from shell eggs. These include liquid, frozen and dried products. Although processing techniques for the manufacture of the various egg products are well established, they must be applied with great care to ensure that the valuable properties of the egg products are not impaired.

SPX FLOW has extensive experience in the field of egg processing and has supplied a large number of installations around the world.

The main process stages are:

  • Egg reception, separation, filtering and cooling
  • Pasteurisation
    • Whole egg
    • Plain yolk (salted and un-salted)
    • Egg white
  • Spray drying and de-sugaring
  • Freezing and de-frosting
  • Pumping

Our process equipment is used extensively in these plants for filtering, cooling, pasteurisation, spray drying and pumping.

Typical pasteurization systems utilise special APV Paraflow plate heat exchangers, APV scraped-surface heat exchangers or a combination of both, depending on the exact processing requirements. APV spray dryers are used extensively for drying of egg products in a large number of installations around the world. The SPX FLOW range of centrifugal and positive-displacement pumps are also used extensively for pumping of egg products.

SPX FLOW's in-depth knowledge in the egg industry, combined with proven experience in project management of capital projects, makes us the ideal partner for the design and installation of state-of-the-art egg processing equipment or modifications to existing installations.