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Fresh Cellular Fruit Juices

The world fruit juice market has become much more competitive in recent years, and in most developed countries, there is a plentiful supply of fruit juice concentrate. The market for re-constituted orange, apple and pineapple juice in particular has become very competitive.

Major fruit processors therefore wish to produce fruit juices which are of such a high quality that the product can be readily differentiated from cheaper counterparts. To meet this demand, there is a growing trend toward the production of "not-from-concentrate" (NFC) juices since these are perceived to be of better quality than reconstituted juices.

In the US, production of NFC orange juice has grown to 30% of the total production within five years and, despite the high cost of transportation, this trend is being repeated in Europe. Similarly new opportunities are arising for NFC orange juice containing cells and fibre.

SPX FLOW has extensive experience in the processing of a wide range of freshly squeezed and cellular fruit juices, and can supply equipment for all processing stages for both large and small processing operations. SPX FLOW is also able to carry out plant upgrades and modifications to existing systems in order to adapt for changing market needs.