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Fruit Juice

Re-Constitued Juices and Nectars

SPX FLOW has extensive experience in the production of a wide range of re-constituted fruit juices and nectars.

Re-constituted juices

Most fruit juice has traditionally been distributed from the growing region as a concentrate to save on transportation costs. The concentrate is then diluted with water close to the point of sale, pasteurised, and re-packaged.

SPX FLOW can supply standard systems for the re-constitution and pasteurisation of pulpy natural-strength fruit juices, such as apple, orange, pineapple and grapefruit. These systems typically comprise:

  • Concentrate dosing pump
  • Mix tanks
  • Feed pump
  • Tubular pasteuriser
  • Process pipework and valves
  • Control system

The systems can be linked to an appropriate aseptic filling machine or, if the product is to be distributed under chilled conditions, the diluted juice can be filled into cartons or bottles.


Nectars are obtained by the addition of water and sugar to fruit juice, fruit juice concentrate, fruit puree or a mixture of these. Fruits suitable for nectar production include apricot, peach, pear, mango, guava, apple and citrus juices. SPX FLOW can also supply standard systems for the preparation and pasteurisation of nectars.