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Particulate Fruit


The particulate fruit market is under considerable pressure to increase quality, with the continual demand for improved particle identity, better flavor retention and a fresher appearance.

Particulate fruit products can be broadly divided into two categories:

  • Yogfruit for addition to yogurts, fromage frais etc.
  • Fruit for pie fillings and toppings

SPX FLOW has developed a number of processes for each of these applications, drawing on its range of process vessels and thermal processing equipment. The optimum solution for a particular application will depend on a balance of economic considerations and product physical properties. SPX FLOW can offer:

  • Process know-how
  • Project management
  • Product pre-mix systems
  • Systems for both aseptic and non-aseptic processing with hot- or cold-filling of product
  • APV scraped-surface heating systems for pasteurization and cooling of products containing moderate to high concentrations of particles
  • APV ParaTube tubular heat exchange systems for pasteurization and cooling of products containing low to moderate concentrations of smaller particles.
  • In-place cleaning
  • Automation and management information systems
  • Process and product development facilities

SPX FLOW has considerable experience in supplying equipment for the manufacture of particulate fruit products in many countries. The many reference installations clearly show that we have the skill and know-how necessary to provide complete installations. Moreover, SPX FLOW can provide cost-effective improvements to selected unit operations in existing production lines.