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APV has been a pioneer in the field of homogenization with its durable Rannie and Gaulin brand homogenizers for over 100 years. View our homogenizer animation and discover that our MicroGAP technology can reduce your energy costs up to 25%.

An SPX FLOW Homogeniser solution e.g. Rannie or Gaulin, is customized to meet specific customer needs and backed by over a century of experience through its APV brand. Based on pioneering technology for the homogenization process, SPX FLOW continues with an on-going research and development program to ensure customers are getting maximum efficiencies and benefits from its solutions. Machines are carefully designed to meet specific application requirements and optimize both energy and water consumption for sustainable, economic production while providing consistent, reliable performance.
If you are looking for service, or a refurbished homogenizer, click here.

SPX FLOW featured in Flow Control Magazine Winning Homogenization Strategies


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