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Fully Welded Heat Exchanger

  • APV Hybrid


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  • APV Hybrid
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hybrid plate

Fully Welded Heat Exchanger without gaskets, for high pressure applications
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Hybrid is for you!

Based on a multi-flexible configuration, the APV Hybrid Fully Welded Plate Heat Exchanger is designed to operate under harsh conditions and high temperatures. A smaller footprint and easy access makes the high-pressure cleaning of the Hybrid plates fast and effective. The Hybrid Welded Plate and Frame Heat Exchanger was created for severe conditions where other technologies are prone to failure, short operating lifecycle, or reduced operational efficiency. The APV Hybrid can be mounted horizontal or vertical and includes 6 basic models, each available in various standard configurations. 

Flexibility to meet all your needs:

  • Perfect adaptability for almost any application, including Oil and Gas, Chemical, Power and Industrial
  • Full utilization of pressure drop to maximize thermal efficiency
  • Close temperature approach down to 1°C possible
  • Low pressure drop possible – even at high mass flows, and for gas/steam
  • Perfect for condensation and evaporation, including vacuum condensation
  • Large connection sizes possible
  • Non-symmetric flows handled, even with perfect pressure drop utilization