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Tubular Heat Exchanger

  • APV P2P Tubular Heat Exchanger with cut


  • P2P Tubular Heat Exchanger Close Up


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  • APV P2P Tubular Heat Exchanger with cut
  • P2P Tubular Heat Exchanger Close Up
  • P2P Tubular
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Product-to-Product (P2P) Tubular unit that sets a new standard in food hygiene and heat transfer efficiency.
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SPX FLOW has developed a new, patented direct product regenerative Product-to-Product (P2P) type of THE. This latest heat transfer solution has the highest hygienic standards and offers increased heat transfer efficiency over a traditional THE; reducing energy consumption, size and capital investment.

Designed to deliver clear customer benefits
  • Greater energy efficiency
  • Increased food safety
  • Reduced capital costs
  • More compact process solution
  • Easy maintenance

Less energy consumption

The design of the new module does not require a secondary heating/cooling water circuit loop, reducing associated heat transfer and pump energy losses. It also produces a better flow pattern on the secondary side of the THE compared to traditional solutions to improve heat transfer efficiency and lower energy consumption required for the process.

Proven cleanability

The tubes on the SPX FLOW P2P are manufactured so the secondary sides are completely smooth. This unique new design ensures complete cleanability for hygienic use on both, the primary and the secondary side of the THE. With absolutely no crevices on the secondary side of the unit, the risk of product remaining in the unit after cleaning is eliminated and food safety is maximized. This further assures that, with no product buildup, efficiency remains optimized and production stable. This advanced cleanability has been fully tested and the unit is further designed according to EHEDG guidelines (approval pending).