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BrixMaster/extended BrixMaster - Brix standardisation

  • Multi-stream Blender - BrixMaster


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  • Multi-stream Blender - BrixMaster
Product Type:

beverage systems

New dimensions in flexibility and efficiency in blending.
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Fully automatic, two-stream or multi-stream blending system that integrates easily with any APV beverage process unit. The standard Brix-Master can store and handle up to 30 different recipes. Suitable for diet product processing. Simple conversion of the basic two-stream BrixMaster for added versatility.

Field of application

  • Juice beverages
  • Diet beverage products
  • Alcohol based beverages


  • Accuracy of <+ 0.05°Brix in the final product (measured as a standard deviation)
  • Continuous blending for precise and consistent product and raw materials savings
  • Product loss eliminated by leading recovered off-Brix product back to the BrixMaster
  • Fully automatic, reducing manpower requirements
  • Settling time after shut down under 10 seconds
  • In-line dosing and high levels of accuracy eliminate need for buffer tank analyses
  • Performance independent of product temperature variations and fibre content
  • Direct forwarding of product to the pasteuriser and on to the filler
  • Extended recipe handling eliminates production errors
  • Low maintenance and energy costs