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Direct Heating UHT Solutions

From basic needs to demanding processes, we help you meet your production goals

  • World leading UHT technology and food processing expertise
  • Largest choice of technology
  • Advanced solutions for freshest tastes
  • Rapid delivery, low cost ‘Express’ systems
  • Direct and indirect heating systems
  • Fully customized solutions to meet exact processing needs and specific product qualities

Ultra High Temperature (UHT) direct heating systems inject or infuse steam directly into the product. They enable high temperature treatment to destroy microorganisms with a very short holding time, which minimizes chemical changes to the product.

Steam injection injects steam into the product to be treated and steam infusion adds the product to the steam. The steam must be high quality, culinary steam and not contain any off-flavors that could change the taste of the product.

Advantages of direct heating UHT systems:

  • Premium quality products
  • Great, fresh tasting results
  • Steam infusion systems provide rapid, controlled heating which minimizes chemical changes to the product
  • Exceptional bacteria kill rate
  • Long shelf life
  • Long run times

» What is UHT (Ultra High Temperature)

Most commonly used in the production of milk but also fruit juices, cream, soy milk, yogurt, wine, soups and other foods; ultra-high temperature (UHT) processing is used to kill bacteria spore to provide safe, shelf-stable products. For low acid products, it involves heating the product to over 135°C (275°F) to make products ‘commercially sterile’. While the aim is to remove as many bacteria spore as possible, the heating process also needs to minimize the impact of chemical changes to the natural product.

Undesirable changes can include whey protein denaturation, Maillard browning, changes to flavor, and fat separation or sedimentation in the final product.

The best solution for your application is dependent upon factors including product specification, viscosity and heat sensitivity. Is the most important consideration processing cost? Do you want sensational, fresh tasting products? Superb shelf stability and easier, wider transportation of your products? Premium product quality? Whatever your needs, we can help you achieve your goals.

Choose the technology which is right for you - from the highly affordable, standard Tubular UHT Express packages to cutting-edge steam Infusion UHT technology which provides outstanding end-product quality, fresh tastes and long shelf life.

» The SPX FLOW advantage: The support you need to get the results you want

Our expertise and experience mean our global customers trust and rely on us to provide a system that meets their processing goals. With the support of state-of-the-art Innovation Centers and leading food experts, you can quickly trial and test processes and recipes to produce optimized results. Continuous programs of research and development lead to innovative technology that is regularly raising the benchmark for UHT systems.

  • Innovative systems for freshest tastes, longer life and efficient production
  • Our process understanding means your system will not be over-engineered and offer you excellent return on investment
  • All systems are supported by a comprehensive support network, which will help you from project specification and design right through the life time of your process.

With over 275 installations worldwide, you have access to vast global experience and processing knowledge