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Direct Heating - Infusion

SPX FLOW’s Infusion technology provides the highest degree of flexibility, product safety, exceptional final product quality, high bacteria spore kill rates and long product shelf lives. They produce minimal heat degradation compared with other traditional UHT systems and protect the fresh taste of products with a wide range of viscosity from milk through to custards and puddings. The method of heating a liquid product as free falling strings by means of direct steam in an infusion chamber was introduced in the late 1950’s. Since the first infusion system was introduced, SPX FLOW’s APV brand has made a dedicated effort to develop the concept to perfection, and the present result is the unique and patented infusion system, for which the APV brand is recognized world-wide today.

Typical UHT Direct Heating Infusion Process Plant Diagram

Download UHT Direct Heating Infusion Diagram