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Direct Heating - Injection UHT

The direct steam injection system heats the product by injecting steam directly into it through a specially designed nozzle. The product is then cooled in a flash chamber. Pre-heating and final cooling often take place in a plate heat exchanger or, occasionally, a tubular heat exchanger. The system provides fast heating with efficient bacteria kill rate. As with steam infusion systems, steam injection provides quick heat treatment which produce good quality products.

Steam injection is a popular UHT solution and offers flexible processing for different products of low to medium viscosity, such as milk, flavored milk, coffee, cream, ice cream mix, custard and milk shakes. Its low fouling rate means long operating periods between CIP cycles. A pilot UHT plant is available for use in product development trials with easy selection and switching between infusion or injection processing

Typical UHT Direct Heating Injection Process Plant Diagram

Download UHT Direct Heating Injection Diagram

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