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APV Heat Exchanger Services and Support

Service and support solutions

SPX FLOW is committed to helping you maximize the performance of your heat transfer solutions throughout their lifetime. We do this via service agreements that can be customized to your specific needs and by providing our portfolio of service and support solutions as need arises to help you ensure continued performance.

The new SPX FLOW Gappscan Technology is a new and unique method of accomplishing extremely precise leakage detection without the need for dismantling the heat exchanger. The on-site inspection takes only a short time and can be performed as part of scheduled maintenance. ISO 9000 compliant test certificate and documentation are provided. The test result enables you to decide whether or not to perform a repair on the spot or to continue using the equipment until it is due for scheduled maintenance.

The APV replacement platepack solution offers you rapid reconditioning with minimum downtime. The worn platepack is replaced by a new platepack with identical specifications. This ensures a cost-effective reconditioning with minimum impact on production and no risk of further issues caused by the old platepack.