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New High Cycle Torque Wrench - TWHC50

SPX FLOW Bolting Systems launches its new High Cycle Torque Wrench - TWHC50, which combines improved cycle-life and reliability with enhanced usability and safety.

Ashington, UK, June 2, 2014 - The new TWHC50 hydraulic torque wrench offers a powerful tool capable of delivering a controlled and accurate setting (when tightening), yet has the strength and performance to break out the toughest and stubborn fastener applications time after time. Designed for reliability and long-life, it offers excellent value and life-time returns with an improved cyclic life over other competitive models by at least 2-3 times.

Press Release: TWHC50 - High Cycle Torque Wrench


Reliability and Durability of the tool is significantly increased thanks to an improved and simplified drive mechanism, which returns trouble-free operation and long-life.

The high strength alloy body offers increased resistance to torsion and additionally, highly resistant to corrosion in the harshest of environments.


Ease of use is enhanced with the inclusion of lifting points either side of the body (allowing an eye-bolt or lifting device to be attached), multi-position (360x180) swivel manifold and multi-position (360) reaction arm. The high-flow manifold incorporates large bore oil paths for rapid operation and reduced heat generation.

The tools designed long-stroke mechanism imparts a minimum 30 degree nut rotation per stroke whilst maintaining a tight and compact nose radius: this is a clear advantage over the short stroke and back-up pawl mechanisms of light alloy models. Fewer parts and reduced torsion in operation - equals reduced wear, maintenance and associated costs.


As with all SPX FLOW wrenches:

The drive mechanism and internal components are fully enclosed and protected within the tools body, encapsulated with a tight fitting polymer cover which never reveals sharp edges to the operator. Apart from the improved safety over sheet-steel types, the tight fitting cover prevents debris and stray fingers from ever entering the housing.

There is a pressure relief valve fitted within the hydraulic manifold swivel, to prevent over-pressurization of the system and improved operator safety.

The integration of a multi-tooth pawl and fine-pitch ratchet wheel prevents tool lock-on and ensures the load is accurately and powerfully translated into the application - at any point of its stroke. At no point in its operation, will the tool lock on to the job and require hand intervention to release it – which in itself is a safety hazard.

Besides the TWHC 50, SPX FLOW Bolting Systems also presents the TWHC 1, 3, and 6. Among the other SPX FLOW torque wrenches, there are the TWLC (Low Clearance Torque Wrench), which is suitable for the most inaccessible bolting areas found in industry, and the TWSD (Square Drive Torque Wrench)