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The adviser software considers many years of bolt working experience, where data has been channelled into a single computer software program. Bolt tightening data, procedures and recommendations for standard flanged joints, makes adviser an invaluable tool to any industry.

The Adviser software package includes:

  • Tightening data for BS1560, MSS SP44, API 6A and 17D flanged joints.
  • Encompasses standard flanges, wafer check valves, spade and spacers, and swivel flange assemblies.
  • Torque data and tensioning tool pressures for both Subsea and Topsides applications.
  • Bolt extension calculations.
  • Tightening procedures and Torque sequences.
  • Joint specific recommendations for improved integrity.
  • Large database of bolt materials.
  • Large database of bolt lubricants.
  • Dimensional data of flanges.
  • Recommended bolt lengths.
  • Simple user interface with 'Windows' look and feel.