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Metering Pumps

NOVADOS - A Selection of Metering Pumps Beyond Compare

With NOVADOS metering pumps we offer a wide range for all applications where liquids have to be metered or blended. The product range comprises leak-free diaphragm pumps as well as plunger pumps. Nearly all gear sizes in the NOVADOS series can be combined  for process and metering pumps to achieve the required flow rate and pressure parameters. With various liquid end materials and complemented by a variety of accessories to suit the process.

Common design features

  • Range of pumphead sizes to allow a flow range of between smallest 0.4 l/h up to largest 20,000 l/h on a single head
  • Operating pressure up to 1,000 bar
  • Modular metering pump gears with built-in low noise worm gear
  • Individual stroke length setting utilizing the z-shaped crankshaft
  • Manual or automatic flow rate adjustment