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What’s it like to work at SPX FLOW? Ask any employee and you’re likely to receive a wide range of responses. This diversity of thought is part of our unique culture that focuses on providing innovative solutions for customers and yet includes a balance between life, family and work.

Here’s how some employees describe their SPX FLOW experience:

“At SPX FLOW, there’s an entrepreneurial spirit combined with significant infrastructure to back us up. We have the resources that allow us to do much more and on a broader scale than many companies.”

“I’m proud of the quality of our products and the important role they play in the world.”

“Our collaborative culture is unique. We create effective solutions by bringing many contributors to the table.”

“My job at SPX FLOW gives me the opportunity to work with people from all parts of the world and within different cultures.”

“Every day is a new opportunity to work with a variety of people in discovering new ways to help SPX FLOW customers across the globe.”

“What I do is constantly changing as I go from working on one product to another. My day is very fast-paced with no downtime.”

“I like the support I’ve received from my colleagues who represent a wide range of the company’s brands and work at different levels of the organization. They share information, look for ways to make improvements and pull together to face our customers as one company.”

“We put work first, but it’s a fairly flexible environment.”

“I’ve had excellent opportunities to enhance my career and appreciate the educational resources at SPX FLOW, which helped me to pursue my bachelor’s and master’s degrees.”

“SPX FLOW is a large, global company, but it still feels like we’re all part of a family.”

“What I like about SPX FLOW is that we own something together.”

“To me, the best thing about SPX FLOW is getting to do new and exciting things.”