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Fraud Alert

SPX FLOW, Inc. has become aware of fraudulent e-mails that purport to be from SPX FLOW that may solicit candidates for fictitious job opportunities. Those responsible for these hoaxes pretend to be associated with SPX FLOW and send e-mails, post on websites, or publish advertisements for job opportunities that do not actually exist. You may be asked to provide personal information (i.e. Social Security numbers, ID numbers, bank account numbers, etc.) or to provide money as part of this fabricated recruiting process. You may receive a fraudulent cashier's check by USPS Priority Mail as party of the scheme to defraud you.

Please note, these solicitations are in no way affiliated with SPX FLOW. SPX FLOW does not make any job offers without first speaking with potential candidates and any e-mail from an SPX FLOW employee will have the extension. In addition, SPX FLOW will not ask you for money for any reason or send you a cashier's check.

If you are interested in a job opportunity with SPX FLOW, please visit