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Our rich past

ClydeUnion Pumps, has at its base the two companies Clyde Pumps and Union Pump. Both have a rich heritage and a history dating back over 100 years.

With the acquisition of S&N Pump Company in October 2010, our capabilities for offshore applications became much greater.


In 1871, two brothers, George and James Weir, founded the engineering firm of G. & J. Weir. From their Glasgow works, in Scotland's central belt. They quickly established a reputation for inventing pump and valve technologies that were utilized successfully on ship engines, oil pipelines, desalination plants and power stations across the world.

Union Pump

Since Union's inception in 1885 in Michigan, USA the company has been creating class leading pumps for industries around the globe. Union has incorporated the David Brown Pumps brand as well as its significant capabilities when their Annecy operation was acquired, and along with it the respected DB Guinard Pumps brand.

S&N Pump Company

Established in 1954, S&N Pump Co. has packaged seawater lift pump systems and related accessories exclusively to the seawater market for offshore applications since 1957. A provider of design, sales, service, testing, and repair of seawater pumping equipment to the offshore industry by offering safe, cost-effective, reliable, single-source solutions for global seawater needs.

Brand Heritage