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London,  UK, 26 July, 2017

SPX FLOW win Hinkley Point C pumps contract_small

SPX FLOW brand, ClydeUnion Pumps, is set to supply 16 safety related pumps to UK Nuclear New Build project

ClydeUnion Pumps, an SPX FLOW Brand, has been confirmed as the supplier of 16 safety related pump packages to EDF Energy’s 3.2 GW nuclear power plant Hinkley Point C in Somerset, U.K. 

A signing ceremony was recently held in London at which Jose Larios, SPX FLOW’s President, Industrial and Energy met with Mr Cadoux-Hudson, Managing Director of Nuclear New Build and Member of Executive Committee at EDF Energy (UK) Limited. 

SPX FLOW were selected to deliver the 16 ASG & RRI pumps via the ClydeUnion Pumps factory in Annecy. The agreement marks a key moment for SPX FLOW in delivering best–in-class components for the U.K.’s new generation of nuclear power.  

The function of the ASG (Emergency Feedwater System) is to supply the required rate of water to the Steam Generators secondary side if all the systems contributing to normal supply of the Steam Generators are unavailable. The RRI (Component Cooling Water System) is designed to cool and transfer heat load from various components and systems of the nuclear island during the different operating conditions of the nuclear plant unit.

Jose Larios, SPX FLOW’s President, Industrial and Energy, said: 

“We are thrilled to be supporting our partners EDF on the Nuclear New Build project at Hinkley Point C.” 

He continued: “We have a good partnership with EDF, having supplied equipment to almost all of EDF’s nuclear power plants in France and the U.K. including Sizewell B (Suffolk, U.K.) and the EPR reactor at Flamanville 3 (Normandy, France). Custom-built pump systems and through life services for the nuclear industry are supplied by SPX FLOW engineers at manufacturing facilities in Annecy (France) and Glasgow (U.K).”

Ken Owen, Hinkley Point C Commercial Director commented: 

“SPX FLOW have been partners of ours for many years on a variety of different projects. They have proven their ability to deliver new equipment and through life support. In the U.K., SPX FLOW has a manufacturing heritage in pumping technologies dating back over 140 years and we are pleased to be working with them.”

Scotland, Glasgow, UK, June, 2017

Scottish Water Project

Scottish Water has recently been announced as the winner of The Pump Centre, ‘Pump Project of the Year’ for its work at the Gorbals Pumping Station near Glasgow, a project supported by SPX FLOW. 

This major Scottish Water project required the installation of a new 13-mile water main to connect Glasgow and Ayrshire supplies, which followed the completion of the new pumping station in Barrhead, on the outskirts of Glasgow. As pump framework supplier to Scottish Water, SPX FLOW collaborated with the Scottish Water Alliance Partners to design the Gorbals pumping station. Due to large-scale nature of the project, the brief involved modelling a system not just for surge but also for the management of water moving through a series of 6 pumping stations, pipelines and reservoirs as an extended chain.  In addition, it was necessary that the system would be able to accommodate the expected future growth of the network. 

Scottish Water, Alliance Partners – AMEY, Black & Veatch turned to SPX FLOW to provide three Uniglide-e Pumpsets with variable speed drives, acoustic enclosures, string testing and installation. 

Scottish Water and their Alliance Partner, wanted to work with a pump supplier that could provide reliable and technically excellent pumps.  

To execute this successfully, SPX FLOW supplied the latest pump technology to ensure a stable supply to the new pumping station. 

The project saw the creation of a Duty / Assist / Standby system which aims to balance efficiency through planned growth of the network as more WTWs are replaced, and to design for the full resilience flow.

This installation will deliver significant benefits for over 300,000 Scottish Water customers.

Following the award win, SPX FLOW said: “This project highlights how SPX FLOW’s pump technology can be used in a vital project. SPX FLOW is pleased to have shown how innovative pump selection and technology can play a key role in improving the infrastructure of Glasgow and Ayrshire, and we congratulate Scottish Water on its award win.”

Houston, USA, April, 2017 – Recent Order Wins for Company Include Supplying to Midland-Sealy Crude Oil and Condensate Pipeline, and to the Sand Hills NGL Pipeline

SPX FLOW, a global supplier of highly engineered pumps for the global power and oil and gas industries, has announced two key orders that highlight its competitiveness in the U.S. Midstream market.

SPX FLOW will supply 20 x BB1 5,000hp pump packages to the Midland-Sealy Crude oil and condensate pipeline.  The order is valued at over USD $10 Million.  The pumps will be manufactured in both Burlington, Canada and Glasgow, UK.  SPX FLOW’s Glasgow facility will also assist with testing and assembling the pump skids.

The pumps will be installed as part of the new 400 miles long pipeline that runs from Midland, Texas (Permian’s main crude trading and storage hub) to the existing terminal at Sealy, Texas, which is connected to the Houston crude distribution pipeline network.

SPX FLOW will also supply 2-stage ClydeUnion Pumps BB3 pumps to the Sand Hills pipeline project expansion in order to meet NGL (natural gas liquids) production growth.  This follows a previous order for SPX FLOW’s BB3 pumps on this project.

The total contract for this order is over USD $2 Million.  The pumps will play an integral part in ensuring the transportation of NGLs sourced from Permian and Eagle Ford basins down to the fractionation facilities in the Mont Belvieu, Texas area.

Jim Stanczak, VP Business Development at SPX FLOW, said:
“The recent contract wins reflect the strength of SPX FLOW’s outstanding product portfolio for the Midstream market.  Given our 140 year track record of supplying high-quality pumps for the power and oil and gas industries, we are well-positioned to help clients lower their CAPEX and OPEX with leading midstream pipeline solutions as the market enters a new phase of growth.”

The pumps SPX FLOW supplies to pipeline projects are key to supporting midstream clients’ infrastructure investments in what many consider to be the world’s “hottest oil and gas play” in West Texas.  

The Permian super basin in West Texas was the premier focus of U.S. M&A activity in 2016.  Production in the Permian basin continues to increase strongly – it is the most active basin in the USA.  

The area remains an engine for infrastructure growth in 2017 as drilling and corresponding US crude production ramps up; and midstream companies look towards increased associated NGL production in the region. 
According to IHS Research, productivity increases combined with high levels of drilling activity are expected to increase Permian production by 700,000 barrels per day in 2017 and grow total liquids output to over 4 million barrels per day by 2021.

DUBAI, UAE, April 21 - 23, 2015 – The SPX ClydeUnion Pumps Uniglide-e range of axially split double entry pumps is helping users to achieve class-leading improvements in efficiency while reducing their maintenance downtime and costs.

The range was developed using the latest 3D and FEA software, plus extensive input from key customers in the water treatment, desalination and wider process industries. The design of the Uniglide-e range is another example of engineering and innovation excellence from SPX. The whole development process was geared towards making Uniglide-e the class leading range on the market, running at high peak efficiency.

As part of their continuous improvement program, SPX have further enhanced the range efficiencies with alternative coatings and PEEK (polyether- etherketone) composites. These pumps are pulling up to 1.5MW, so even the smallest saving becomes very important in terms of energy efficiency. The Uniglide-e range typically costs 30% less than traditional split case ranges and is also physically smaller. Small size was a key requirement of the design process, as space has always been at a premium for water industry and desalination customers. Here the ability of the Uniglide- e pumps to be mounted vertically is also proving important to their market success, saving 70% of its horizontal footprint.

Modularisation was another key requirement for the SPX Uniglide-e range: 48 individual pump frame sizes divided into seven modular shaft groupings with standard cartridge bearing and seal assemblies. A huge wealth of hydraulic experience from traditional split case models and using the 3D and FEA software has allowed a reduction in the number of major parts in each pump to just seven. As a result, maintenance becomes a simple task for users, who don’t have to pay a premium for this sort of access or worry about health and safety issues. This is a big differentiator for ClydeUnion Pumps, an SPX brand.

As an example, the split casing design simplifies maintenance by allowing access to pump rotors without disturbing pipework or drivers. In addition, cartridge bearings and seals can be changed in a fraction of the time taken on a conventional axially split case product. Similarly, for the economic renewal of operational clearances, replaceable metallic wear rings are fitted as standard on cast iron units. These reduce pressure leakage and improve the overall efficiency, while composite wear rings are fitted as standard on the steel alloy units.
The traditional problem of radial thrust is reduced by utilising double volute casing design on all but the smallest frames, leading to improved efficiency, minimised vibration and extended seal and bearing life. Current bearing life is typically over 100,000 hours.

Meanwhile a hydraulically balanced impeller designed with optimised geometry provides high efficiency and low NPSH whilst minimising axial thrust. This extends both bearing and seal life.
The ClydeUnion Pumps Uniglide-e range from SPX, which has already won a British Pump Manufacturers Association Product Award, is designed for both the 50Hz and 60Hz markets, with clockwise and counter-clockwise rotation available. The pumps have a capacity of up to 4000 m³/h and a delivery head of up to 200 metres. They can operate at temperatures up to 80°C and speeds up to 1800 rpm. A broad range of materials are available for non-corrosive and corrosive applications such as seawater. These include cast iron, stainless steel, duplex and super duplex. Other materials are also available on request.

SPX is ‘Manufacturer of the Year’ at Pumps Industry Awards 2015...

GLASGOW, United Kingdom, March 30, 2015 – SPX has been recognised for its outstanding work as a pump manufacturer by the Pumps Industry Awards (PIA) 2015. Its Glasgow facility, which manufactures ClydeUnion Pumps, has been awarded ‘Manufacturer of the Year’ at this year’s prestigious Annual Pump Industry Awards.

In addition, one of its bright young engineers, Emma Lambert has been recognised as the ‘Engineer of the Year’. This award was sponsored by World Pumps.


This year’s PIA drew an unprecedented record number of submissions. After being judged by a panel last December to review the entries, finalists were selected for the awards evening. A public voting throughout January and February determined the winners, who were revealed at the March 19th awards ceremony.

SPX has a long heritage in the supply of reliable pumping solutions. The manufacturing facility in Glasgow has consistently been one of the largest engineering employers in the region and provides brilliantly engineered pumping packages. SPX’s ClydeUnion Pumps is recognised as one of the world’s leading pump brands in providing original equipment pumping technologies and full system solutions.

Gary Walker, Head of Engineering of the Glasgow facility said, “I would like to offer my heartiest congratulations to all my colleagues at SPX ClydeUnion Pumps Glasgow. This is a great achievement for the individuals concerned and also for one and all in the Glasgow facility as everyone has had a part to play. Approaching 150 years of pumping heritage, we focus on delivering engineering excellence and customer satisfaction. With dedicated Aftermarket and Field Service, we provide full product life cycle solutions supporting Service, Repair, Overhaul and Spare Parts, Customer Training, RCA studies, Upgrades and Re-rates.

Delivering SPX ClydeUnion API 610 BB3 Multi-Stage Pumps at a Market-Leading Pace

Through a well proven value engineering process, including investment in new machinery, working closely with supply chains and by streamlining internal processes, SPX has been able to reduce both price and delivery of the proven, high performance CUP-BB3 pump. The leading pump manufacturer has already demonstrated the improvements with a recent shipment of a unit in just 23 weeks from order placement.


ClydeUnion Pumps, an SPX brand, is synonymous with high quality, high reliability pumping solutions with particular expertise in oil & gas, petrochemical and power generation applications. Complying with the latest edition of API 610 standards, the CUP-BB3 pump is an axially split, multi-stage, double volute heavy-duty pump designed for high pressure and high speed service. The pump is designed for exceptional reliability in arduous applications, easy maintenance and long service intervals.


The CUP-BB3 is a well-proven solution with a large global installed base, particularly in downstream oil & gas applications. In response to market demands, prices have been reduced through efficiency savings and exceptionally short lead times for this popular pump are now available. SPX has a keen focus on meeting and exceeding customer expectations. Its expert manufacturing and project management capability was proven during 2014 when its ClydeUnion Pumps BB3 centre of excellence facility achieved 100% on time delivery for the CUP-BB3.


SPX has long experience within the oil and gas industry and the improvements made to the BB3 pump were based on its close partnership with customers and understanding of their needs. To enable it to offer these extra benefits on the CUP-BB3 range, SPX took a number of steps to improve the manufacturing process. These included shared knowledge from across its manufacturing sites, new investment in machinery and working with suppliers to ensure a more robust supply chain for key components.


Samuel Eccles, Global Product Manager for the CUP-BB3 line commented, “SPX has a clear focus on ensuring product reliability. Any improvements we can make to our product engineering, supply chain and lean manufacturing processes must absolutely ensure this is not compromised. We are equally always listening to what our customers need and striving to improve their experience in all areas of a project on a continuous basis. This pump is particularly strong in downstream applications and we are delighted with being able to offer such significant improvements to our customers in terms of both price and delivery in this important product line.”


SPX has a programme of continual research and development and a long heritage of market-leading technology from other brands such as Dollinger, Plenty, Bran+Luebbe, M&J Valves and Copes-Vulcan. Its in-depth technical and manufacturing expertise combined with vast experience in upstream, midstream and downstream applications, make it a leading supplier to the oil & gas industry. Its expert engineering capability further includes the supply of sophisticated pump packages including electric motors, gearboxes, lube oil systems, steam turbines, diesel engines, control panels and instrumentation along with foremost valve and filtration solutions.

BREAKING NEWS - Successful Submergence Test of the CUP-TWL...

ClydeUnion Pumps and GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy Convene Utilities to Witness Successful Submergence Tests of the CUP-TWL Pump

ClydeUnion Pumps, an SPX Brand, and GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy (GEH) brought together five utility companies in February 2013 to witness the successful submergence tests of the CUP-TWL, a turbine driven safety pump that offers significant safety enhancements and is used in both Pressurised Water Reactors (PWR's) and Boiling Water Reactors (BWR's). 

The two eight-hour submergence tests, conducted in Glasgow, UK, successfully demonstrated that it is possible for a hot running pump, under simulated flooding conditions, to continue to run for the full test period with no change in fundamental performance or detrimental damage. GEH invited customers from five utility companies to witness the tests of this safety equipment at SPX's 76,000 sqm facility, where engineers operated the CUP-TWL in a purpose built tank designed to simulate flood conditions. 

The test began with flooding the CUP-TWL with cold water, starting it with design steam conditions, and conducting a series of performance tests and an emergency stop/start while submerged. The test tank was then drained while the unit continued to run and the temperature of the unit was allowed to stabilise with the steam supply at 290°C (554°F) before rapidly flooding the tank with cold water. A second performance test was then conducted with a total of eight hours submerged running with no reduction in performance or integrity.


"The CUP-TWL is already established as an excellent safety related pumping solution due to its ability to function without the need for external services such as lubricating oil and AC/DC power. The results of these tests leave little doubt that this type of cooling pump is capable of enhancing nuclear reactor safety in that, in the rare event where the pump may become flooded, it is specifically designed to continue to work submerged," said Ranald Patrick, Chief Engineer for SPX's ClydeUnion Pumps. 

"Enhancing reactor safety is a priority for GE Hitachi and the entire industry. We were very pleased with the results of the submergence tests with the ClydeUnion Pumps CUP-TWL," said Richard Rossi, GEH's VP for Asset Management. "GEH is currently offering this safety enhancement to several customers, as part of our Alternate Cooling Injection System, to improve submerged startup and operating capability," Rossi stated.


9-Apr-2013 - ClydeUnion Pumps Receives First Healthcare Contract...

ClydeUnion Pumps Receives First Healthcare Contract for Aftermarket Services for Existing Pumps on Dubai Plant

Dubai, UAE, April 9th , 2013 –
In January 2013, ClydeUnion Pumps, an SPX Brand, was awarded a healthcare contract by EPPCO Aviation to inspect, overhaul and refurbish three David Brown DB34 pumps and 450 kW motors for transportation of aviation fuel from the EPPCO Jebel Ali refinery to Dubai International Airport.

This unique contract is the first of its kind for ClydeUnion Pumps Middle East FZE and will ensure availability of the pumps at all times and generate valuable first hand primary data on pump set performance for a period of two years. Included in the agreement is two years of healthcare checks incorporating monthly inspection of vibration, alignment, mechanical seal and motor condition.

Planned inspections, overhaul and refurbishment of the pumps and motors will also be carried out along with the provision of any spares required for overhaul.

The pump overhaul will be carried out at the SPX service centre in Jebel Ali Free Zone, Dubai, UAE.

Copy 2 of nuclear_station


"This success is a direct result of our renewed focus on our large installed base in the Middle East and in particular the downstream market for ClydeUnion Pumps", said Brian Edwards, ClydeUnion Pumps Regional Director. "Our technical service and aftermarket teams continue to provide excellent added value services into the Middle East market and will ensure future growth for our high quality products and services."

21-Feb-2013 - ClydeUnion Pumps Awarded Contract to Supply Spanish Nuclear Power Plant...

ClydeUnion Pumps Awarded Contract to Supply Spanish Nuclear Power Plant with Seismic Firewater Pumps

Annecy, France, February 21st, 2013 – ClydeUnion Pumps, an SPX Brand, received a contract to supply a specialised fire protection pump for the Iberdrola S.A. Cofrentes nuclear power plant in Spain. The order for the seismic fire protection pump was awarded to SPX in December 2012 by the plant operator Iberdrola S.A. with a scheduled delivery in March 2014.

The CUP-VS1 vertical multi-stage pump run by diesel motor, will be manufactured out of the 20,500 sqm SPX facility in Annecy, France. The pump will be designed according to ASME VIII and NFPA 20 standard for the installation of pumps for fire protection. In addition, the pump will be IEEE seismic qualification compliant. SPX’s pumping technology for firefighting applications ensures that the pump operates effectively and remains functional when subjected to seismic disturbances.

The nuclear power plant, located near Valencia in Spain, is undergoing a global improvement project according to a new Spanish regulation for seismic fire protection systems in nuclear plants.

Copy 2 of nuclear_station

Mathieu Roussel, Regional Nuclear Sales Manager for SPX, comments: “This contract for Cofrentes nuclear power plant in Spain is a result of SPX’s expertise in designing and manufacturing critical nuclear pumping solutions for our customers. Our Annecy facility in France works closely on nuclear seismic qualified pumps which position us well in this post-Fukushima growth market.”


15-Feb-2013 - SPX signs MoU with AREVA for UK Nuclear New Build...

Glasgow, UK, February 15th, 2013 –
In December 2012, AREVA signed 25 Memoranda of Understanding (MoU) with UK-based companies for the supply of components and services for new EPR™ nuclear reactors planned for the UK. Two SPX brands, ClydeUnion Pumps and Copes-Vulcan (valve manufacturer), were represented by senior management who signed the AREVA MoU’s in London.

Together with agreements already announced with Rolls-Royce, the scope of work could be worth up to £400M to the British industry. Of the 50 UK companies identified with potential capability to meet the scope, the 25 companies who have signed MoUs such as SPX’s ClydeUnion Pumps and Copes-Vulcan are pre-qualified.

The agreements relate to the two EPR™ reactors planned by EDF Energy at Hinkley Point for which a site licence was granted in November 2012. The collaboration could also extend to other EPR™ reactors including those planned at Sizewell.



Announcing the agreements on December 12th, Philippe Knoche (see picture), AREVA’s Chief Operating Officer, said: “AREVA is delighted to take part in the re-birth of the UK nuclear new build industry. Our EPR™ reactor is on the point of gaining regulatory approval in the UK with all regulatory issues resolved. We are committed to making as much use as possible of the UK’s excellent engineering skills in the construction of the EPR™ reactor and to develop these skills further. We hope that the prospect of a fleet of EPR™ reactors will provide an incentive to UK companies to invest. Work is already under way”.

21-Dec-2012 - Babcock & Wilcox mPower awards contract for Reactor Coolant Pumps...

Babcock & Wilcox mPower awards contract for Reactor Coolant Pumps to ClydeUnion Pumps, an SPX Brand

GLASGOW, United Kingdom, December 6 2012 -- ClydeUnion Pumps, an SPX Brand, was recently awarded a design engineering contract from Babcock & Wilcox mPower for the Reactor Coolant Pumps (RCP’s) on their Generation mPowerTM Small Modular Reactor (SMR). The contract is for an external canned motor pump design for the RCPs to support the mPowerTM reactor. The pumps are ASME Class 1 with the detail design and proven technology coming from the ClydeUnion Pumps facility in Annecy, France.

The reactor design is a scalable, modular, Advanced Light Water Reactor (ALWR) system in which the nuclear core and steam generators are contained within a single vessel. The Generation mPowerTM electric generation plant has the capacity to match customer demand in nominal 180 MWe increments for a four-year operating cycle without refueling, using standard pressurized water reactor (PWR) fuel.


The mPower solution is expected to lower the overall capital cost of construction and optimize plant size to customers’ local power generation requirements. Also, the ability to bring increments of power online, while additional modules are under construction, should provide early returns on investment for the customer.

This contract is a key win for ClydeUnion Pumps’ expanding portfolio for the latest generation of nuclear plants, which will help maintain ClydeUnion Pumps position as one of the leading suppliers of technology into this key market.

04-Dec-2012 - Click here to view a recent World Pumps article

World Pumps article which highlights some of the latest pump developments by SPX

An inside look at SPX Technology 04 December 2012

At the ACHEMA show in Frankfurt in 2012, World Pumps reviewed some of the latest developments at SPX Flow Technology.


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26-Nov-2012 - ClydeUnion Pumps receives contract for pumps for Shell Gabon Refinery

Cathcart-Glasgow, Scotland, November 26 , 2012 – In August 2012, ClydeUnion Pumps was awarded the contract to supply single stage, API 610 compliant pumps for Shell Gabon's Sogara refinery in Gabon. ClydeUnion Pumps will supply 8-off CUP-OH2 super duplex type pumps to Shell Gabon with delivery scheduled 44 weeks after order placement.

The success of the order was contributed by ClydeUnion Pumps support to Shell Gabon to assess the root cause of failure of a competitor's pumps in which it was recognized that the pumps had suffered seal damage for many years without an engineering solution being considered. ClydeUnion Pumps proposed to engineer a new seal arrangement and change of casing materials due to reclassification of the pumped medium from non-hazardous to hazardous.


Further to securing the first order, Shell Gabon provided ClydeUnion Pumps a second order to supply an additional two pumps in October 2012. This time the CUP-BB3 multi-stage model would replace the existing two DB34 models. The decision to purchase new pumps as opposed to overhauling the existing pumps was due to a concern on plant downtime.

The longevity, reliability and support provided to Shell Gabon for the existing DB34 pumps that had previously been supplied by ClydeUnion Pumps ensured the success of this project. Delivery of the second set of pumps is scheduled for September 2013 and will be manufactured at ClydeUnion Pumps Penistone site in the UK.

David Price, ClydeUnion Pumps Regional Sales Manager for the African region, comments: "The recently awarded projects from Shell Gabon highlights ClydeUnion Pumps ongoing success in the African region with loyal customers continuing to place orders based on proven technologies as well as ongoing customer support. We will endeavor to continue this success moving into 2013."

07-Nov-2012 - Nasr Phase-1 and Umm Lulu Phase-1 field development projects in the UAE

Cathcart-Glasgow, Scotland, November 7 , 2012 –

ClydeUnion Pumps, an SPX Brand, was awarded the contract to supply various pumps for the Nasr Phase-1 and Umm Lulu Phase-1 field development projects offshore Abu Dhabi, UAE. ClydeUnion Pumps will supply the complete package of pumps which includes produced water pumps, open and closed drain pumps and flare drum pumps.

The complete pump package, which includes three CUP-BB3 multi-stage pumps, five CUP-OH2 end suction pumps and six low NPSHR reciprocating pumps, with UNI-LOK I sealing design, will be manufactured in SPX facilities in Annecy-France, Burlington-Canada and Battle Creek-USA with deliveries scheduled for April and May 2013.

Nasr Phase1-news

The Nasr Phase-1 and Umm Lulu Phase-1 field development projects will support Abu Dhabi’s plan to increase oil production to 1.75 million barrels per day by 2020. Abu Dhabi Marine Operating Company (ADMA-OPCO) is developing the two offshore fields and plans to spend at least $10 billion to boost the company’s crude output 60% by 2017.

Digonta Barua, General Manager of ClydeUnion Pumps India, comments: “This project demonstrates ClydeUnion Pumps ability to offer a wide range of pumping technology within a particular application from our various sites around the world. The contract award will enhance the company’s presence in the Middle East offshore market and strengthen the healthy relationship between the two companies.”

28-Aug-2012 - ClydeUnion Pumps awarded contract to supply CUP-TWL pumps

ClydeUnion Pumps, an SPX Brand, was awarded the contract to supply one CUP-TWL auxiliary feedwater pump for the Krško nuclear power plant in Slovenia. The project was awarded by the plant operator, Nuklearna Elektrarna Krško (NEK), in July 2012, and is to replace the existing turbine driven auxiliary feedwater pump during the station outage.

The CUP-TWL, as it provides a combined fully self contained unit without any external services, was the preferred choice for this particular project to replace the current unit which is a conventional pump and separate turbine.

The pumps will be manufactured at ClydeUnion Pumps facility in Glasgow with planned delivery in September 2014. It follows on from the success of another recent CUP-TWL conversion at a US nuclear power plant where it was the first order of its kind in the USA.


Mathieu Roussel, Area Sales Manager, comments: “The award of the TWL for the Krško project is a significant achievement for our company and testament to the unique features of the product which makes it an excellent solution of choice for safety related applications in a nuclear power plant. The award is as a result of a collective effort involving sales, tendering, engineering,

14-May-2012 - New Canadian facility in Burlington opens

ClydeUnion Pumps, an SPX Brand, has relocated its Canadian works to a new facility in Burlington, Ontario, almost doubling its manufacturing footprint. The new site provides increased regional production capacity, allowing larger between bearings style pumps to be manufactured on-site. The operation’s new upgraded pump test facilities means pumps can be proven locally in what is now North America’s highest power test facility for ClydeUnion Pumps. This results in reduced lead times for our customers and the ability to witness tests locally.


The 6,500m² (70,000ft²) facility will manufacture single and multi-stage centrifugal pumps to API 610 standards and reciprocating power pumps to API 674 standards using a range of in-house capabilities such as state-of-the-art machining, equipment balancing, assembly and testing. The location is also well suited to allow use of high capacity overhead crane bridges, in-house painting and machining.

The Burlington facility has come a long way from a small sized service center back in the 1980’s to a full feature manufacturing facility for Original Equipment (OE) and aftermarket services. The new layout offers a wide variety of aftermarket service capabilities including repair, re-rate and upgrade services for all ClydeUnion Pumps brands as well as for pumps manufactured by others.

“The key incentive for relocation was to obtain a larger footprint for our growing Original Equipment business. Another important initiative was commissioning the enhanced pump performance test facility which is capable of testing up to 5000 HP (3730 KW), 22,000 US gpm (5,000 m³/hr) flow-rate in order to serve a multitude of customers in oil & gas, mining & minerals, water & industrial and aftermarket segments”, said Shakil Ahmed, General Manager and Plant Director of the Burlington facility. “We will now begin manufacturing complete between bearings pumpsets such as the CUP-BB1, CUP-BB2, CUP-BB3 and CUP-BB5 and their associated packages. The expanded ClydeUnion Pumps Canadian plant is well suited to continue providing leading edge services to the expanding Canadian oil & gas markets.”

07-May-2012 - Refurbishment of pump technology from a Dubai desalination plant...

ClydeUnion Pumps, an SPX Brand, secures order for refurbishment of pump technology from a Dubai desalination plant

Dubai, UAE, May. 7th, 2012 -- ClydeUnion Pumps was awarded the contract to inspect, overhaul and refurbish various pumps from a mothballed desalination plant in Dubai. The contract was awarded by Osmoflo in April 2012 and will be carried out at ClydeUnion Pumps service centre in Jafza South, Dubai.

Osmoflo, an Australian owned reverse osmosis desalination and water recycling company, purchased the assets of the 32,000 m³/d plant earlier this year. After refurbishment, the equipment is expected to be moved to a new installation elsewhere in the region.


The contract awarded to ClydeUnion Pumps includes the inspection, overhaul and refurbishment of the plant’s centrifugal pumps, supplied previously by one of the company’s main competitors. The decision to select ClydeUnion Pumps to carry out the refurbishment was a direct result of increased customer relations built over time thereby helping ClydeUnion Pumps to secure their first order with Osmoflo.

The refurbishment, which includes pumps such as the single stage OH2 overhung pump, the heavy duty BB2 between bearing pump, and the vertical turbine VS6 multi-stage pump, is expected to be completed by end of May 2012.

23-Dec-2011 - SPX completes acquisition of CLYDEUNION Pumps

CHARLOTTE, N.C., Dec. 22, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- SPX Corporation (NYSE: SPW) today announced that it has completed its acquisition of CLYDEUNION Pumps, a leading global supplier of pump technologies that are utilized in oil and gas processing, power generation and other industrial applications.

In the final agreement as amended December 22, 2011, the total purchase price comprises 500 million British Pounds ("GBP"), paid at closing, plus a potential earn-out payment in 2013 based on 2012 EBITDA performance. The total consideration may not exceed 750 million GBP. See the company's filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission, including the Current Report on Form 8-K filed December 22, 2011, for more details. The structure of the earnout was revised to better align with CLYDEUNION's financial performance expectations, while the reduced upfront payment reduces risk to SPX.

"Our purchase of CLYDEUNION is consistent with our long-term strategy of expanding our Flow Technology capabilities, and we expect this will be a defining acquisition for us, as it immediately establishes a global platform for our Flow segment in the power and energy sector," said Christopher J. Kearney, SPX's Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer. "CLYDEUNION also will increase our global presence, particularly in emerging markets where energy infrastructure growth is strongest. We expect this high-quality business to perform well under the proven leadership of Flow Technology segment president Don Canterna and his global team."

CLYDEUNION Pumps' primary products include centrifugal pumps and reciprocating pumps. It also provides aftermarket repair services on a global basis. CLYDEUNION Pumps has approximately 2,000 global employees, is based in Glasgow, United Kingdom, and operates eight manufacturing facilities and 25 service centers worldwide.

09-Dec-2011 - ClydeUnion Pumps & Shandong Shuanglun Co. form joint venture

ClydeUnion Pumps would like to announce the formation of a new joint venture based in the Eastern Shandong Province of China. The opening ceremony for this new company, Shandong Shuanglun Clyde Union Pumps Ltd, was held on 17th October 2011. Leaders from China General Machinery Industry Association, China General Machinery Industry Association Pump Branch and Weihai local government, all attended the opening ceremony.p> Shandong Shuanglun Clyde Union Pumps Ltd is a joint venture company, with 50% invested by both Shandong Shuanglun Co. Limited and CLYDEUNION Pumps. Currently, the JV employs 105 people. The JV shall absorb the advanced technology, design, manufacturing and management model from CLYDEUNION Pumps to become a global pump supplier. Shandong Shuanglun Clyde Union Pumps will cover the upstream, downstream oil, conventional power and minerals & mining markets by integrating sales, technical and management teams to gain differentiated products, services and competitiveness.


From the first cooperation negotiation through to the opening ceremony, both state industry and local government attached great importance and provided excellent support to this new joint venture. Yao Hongchun, President of Shandong Shuanglun and Thomas Burley, Joint CEO of CLYDEUNION Pumps, expressed their sincere thanks and respect for all the support received during this initial intercession period.

25-Nov-2011 - New manufacturing area brings improved quality and efficiency

Earlier this year, the Aftermarket business unit of CLYDEUNION Pumps began the challenging task of moving all manufacturing capability at the Scottish facility in Cathcart into a fully refurbished, world class, self-sufficient factory. This move is now complete, and all operational activity re-established in the newly transformed area.

The project involved the transferral, refurbishment, repair, and snagging of all identified machines, as well as assembly, inspection, hydrotest, balancing, stores, and the creation of new areas dedicated solely to aftermarket. These included a die-penetrant inspection booth, steam cleaning booth, and dressing booth.

As well as the transfer and transformation some of our existing equipment, the project also included the purchase of new workcentres, to increase the capability and capacity of the Aftermarket business unit, these included:


• New 5-Axis Mazak E500
• New 5-Axis DMG Machining Centre
• New Ultrasonic Wash Tank
• New Vaqua Blast Unit
• Electro Discharge Machining (EDM) Centre
• Wire Cutter Machine

Our new 5-Axis machining centres in particular give us competitive advantage and greatly improved manufacturing capability and opportunity. The operations teams and manufacturing engineers are working together to identify and exploit these opportunities, helping us improve our quality, efficiency, and subsequent customer satisfaction.