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With more than a century of experience delivering equipment, systems and services to the desalination industry, ClydeUnion Pumps offers unrivalled and proven expertise with tangible benefits for desalination clients around the world. Leveraging in-depth understanding of evolving desalination technologies, the company is fully qualified to install pumps on Reverse Osmosis and Multi-Stage Flash plants to cover all stages of the desalination process, from seawater pre-treatment to produced water distribution.

Key desalination products
Flows up toHead up to1_Boiler_feed2_Booster_pumps3_HP_pumps4_HP_booster_erp5_2nd_pass_pump6_Brine_pump7_Produced_water_pump8_Flushing_cleaning
Product Type


Single-Two Stage Pumps
Single stage end suction pumpIsoglide4,4001,000670200
Single stage large end suction pumpAquaglide44,00010,000400120
Single stage axially split between bearings pumpUniglide88,00020,0001,100350
Single stage axially split between bearings pumpUniglide-e17,6004,000650200
Two stage axially split between bearings pumpDuoglide-e5,9501,350910275
Single stage API vertical in-line pumpCUP-OH36,0001,3651,000305
Single stage API vertical in-line pumpCUP-OH46,0001,3651,310335
Multi-stage Pumps
Multi-stage vertical bowl / turbine pumpSBWM22,0005,0001,000300
Multi-stage API axially split (BB3)CUP-BB312,0003,00011,0003,350
Reciprocating Pumps
Power driven small (single acting plunger) - simplex/duplex/triplexSmall power751710,000690
Power driven medium (single acting plunger) - triplex/quintexMedium power3858710,000690
Power driven large (single acting) - triplex/quintexLarge power64514610,000690
Power driven geared (internally geared)Geared power6251427,500520
Specialized Pumps
Submersible motor driven pumpUlectriglide15,0003,400670200
Concrete volute pumpCUP-CVP530,000120,00023070