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ClydeUnion Pumps has within its product range all the Downstream Oil products of Union Pump and Clyde Pumps providing us with not only an extensive product portfolio, but also a history of experience and knowledge of the industry. ClydeUnion Pumps provide products for the downstream industry that can handle the pressures and demands of modern downstream oil processing.

Key downstream oil products
Flows up toHead up to01ap_booster pumps02ap_closed hazardous drains03ap_fuel_transfer04ap_hydrocarbon_feeding05ap_high_temp_transfer06ap_jetty_loading07ap_lube_oil_pumps08ap_main_oil_line09ap_oil_transfer_loading10ap_open_sump_drains11ap_petrochemical_process12ap_product_pipeline13ap_refinery_process14ap_cryogenic_process
Product Type


Single-Two Stage Pumps
Single stage API end suction pumpCUP-OH21,7007,5003501,148
Single stage API vertical in-line pumpCUP-OH31,3656,0003051,000
Single stage API vertical in-line pumpCUP-OH41,3656,0003351,310
Single stage API vertical in-line pumpCUP-OH52,0008,800230770
Single / two stage API axially split between bearings pumpCUP-BB115,00066,0001,0003,300
Single stage API radially split between bearings pumpCUP-BB2 4,09018,0006502,300
Single stage sump pumpCUP-VS44502,000160520
Single / two stage vertical bowl / turbine pumpCUP-CW40,000176,00050164
Multi-stage Pumps
Multi-stage vertical bowl / turbine pumpSBWM5,00022,0003001,000
Multi-stage API axially splitCUP-BB33,00012,0003,35011,000
Multi-stage API barrel radially split pumpCUP-BB5 HP2,80012,3304,10013,450
Multi-stage API barrel radially split pumpCUP-BB5 V2,80012,3504,10013,600
Multi-stage API vertical diffuser / turbine single case pumpCUP-VS17,00031,0003,0009,842
Multi-stage API vertical diffuser / turbine double case pumpCUP-VS67,00031,0003,0009,842
Reciprocating Pumps
Power driven small (single acting plunger) - simplex/ duplex/triplexSmall power17756,90023,000
Power driven medium (single acting plunger) - triplex/quintexMedium power873856,90023,000
Power driven large (single acting) - triplex/quintexLarge power1466456,90023,000
Power driven geared (internally geared)Geared power1426255,20017,300
Power driven high HP (single acting plunger) - triplex/quintexHigh horse power15568013,80020,000
Steam driven simplex (direct acting)Simplex direct acting1607056,90023,000
Steam driven duplex (direct acting)Duplex direct acting1737606,90023,000
Specialist Pumps
Positive displacement screw pumpIMO1,8007,9503,50011,600
Cryogenic multi-stage vertical pumpDB62c2,50011,0004001,310