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ClydeUnion Pumps, an SPX FLOW Brand provides superior solutions to Oil & Gas Companies in upstream, production, transportation, refining and related petrochemical industries.

Upstream products include well service, stimulation pressure pumping and flow control products. Engineered mechanical and rotating equipment repairs and upgrades, oilfield and drilling equipment repair and certification are covered in our selection of highly skilled aftermarket services.

Key Upstream Oil Products
Flows up toHead up to1_booster_pumps2_cooling_medium_circulation3_crude_oil_pumps4_firewater_pumps6_heating_medium_circulation7_hydraulic8_product_pipline_19_seawater_lift10_sump_drains11_water_injection5_general_utilities
Product Type


Single-Two Stage Pumps
Single stage API end suction pumpCUP-OH27,5001,7001,148350
Single stage API vertical in-line pumpCUP-OH36,0001,3651,000305
Single stage API vertical in-line pumpCUP-OH46,0001,3651,310335
Single stage API vertical in-line pumpCUP-OH58,8002,000770230
Single-two stage API axially split between bearings pumpCUP-BB166,00015,0003,3001,000
Single stage API radially split between bearings pumpCUP-BB218,0004,0902,300650
Single stage sump pumpCUP-VS42,000450520160
Single stage vertical in-line pump (ANSI)CUP-VCM1,800410500150
Multi-stage Pumps
Multi-stage API axially splitCUP-BB312,0003,00011,0003,350
Multi-stage API barrel radially split pumpCUP-BB5 HP12,3302,80013,4504,100
Multi-stage API barrel radially split pumpCUP-BB5 V12,3502,80013,6004,100
Multi-stage API vertical diffuser / turbine single case pumpCUP-VS131,0007,0009,8423,000
Multi-stage API vertical diffuser / turbine double case pumpCUP-VS631,0007,0009,8423,000
Multi-stage vertical mounted topside motor driven pumpVertical Turbine Pump - SON13,5003,06613,5003,066
Reciprocating Pumps
Power driven small (single acting plunger) - simplex/duplex/triplexSmall power751723,0006,900
Power driven medium (single acting plunger) - triplex/quintexMedium power3858723,0006,900
Power driven large (single acting) - triplex/quintexLarge power64514623,0006,900
Power driven geared (internally geared)Geared power62514217,3005,200
Power driven high HP (single acting plunger) - triplex/quintexHigh Horse power68015520,00013,800
Specialist Pumps
Positive displacement screw pumpIMO7,9501,80011,6003,500
Submersible motor driven pumpCUP-VSM28,6006,500984300
Submersible multiphase pumpMUTUP2,5005682,680820
Downhole multiphase pumpHSP2,60025904,9001,500